What it costs to live in…Vienna, Austria

Prices given are those recorded as of April 20, 2007. $1.32 equals 1 euro

The cost of living in Vienna is higher than anywhere in Austria with the exception of Salzburg. Yet, as the city lies close to the poorer countries of Central Europe, the costs of living and real estate remain substantially below those encountered in Switzerland, London, or Paris. As Vienna consolidates its position as the new lynchpin of the united Central Europe, those costs are bound to rise.

Rental of a modestly furnished 1,000-square-foot apartment in a central area such as the Innere Stadt or Josephstadt will cost about 1,500 euro per month. For a slightly bigger home in the prestigious 18th and 19th districts that border on the hilly Vienna Woods, expect to pay between 1,500 and 2,500 euro per month. In contrast, some heavily immigrant-populated inner city districts like Favoriten or Leopoldstadt offer studio apartments for as low as 250 euro.

The nationwide Billa and Zielpunkt chains are the cheapest supermarkets, Hofer and Eurospar being somewhat pricier. The local outdoor produce markets will not offer any substantial savings, but are well worth visiting since the vegetables and fruit are clearly fresher. A great number of ethnic delis offer cheap and tasty alternatives to the established national chains-Turkish and Polish establishments are particularly numerous. The following are examples of prices in a medium-range supermarket in Vienna:

A loaf of sliced white bread 1.99 euro
A dozen eggs 1.09 euro
1 liter milk 0.69 euro
Pack of butter (250g) 1.20 euro
Fresh chicken per kilo 3.50 euro
Tomatoes in summer 1.10 euro
Bottle of local white wine 5 euro

Other monthly costs for running an apartment for two people:

Gas for heating and a stove 45 euro
Electricity 50 euro
Monthly telephone rental fee 20 euro + cost of calls
Unleaded gas super 97per liter 1.19 euro (diesel is 0.99)
Broadband Internet fee 19 euro
Cable TV 20 euro

And for your leisure budget:

Ticket for the movies 6 euro
Lunch for two with wine 20 euro
Coffee with milk 2 euro
Car insurance (small family vehicle) 35 euro
(180 euro for a top-range Mercedes or BMW 7)

Car insurance in Austria tends to be slightly over the European Union average. Insurance is based on age, driving record, and the car type you drive.

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