How to Get Residency in New Zealand

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Along with the amazing wildlife and scenery, New Zealand boasts a friendly and safe environment, an English-speaking population, high-quality services, a relatively low cost of living, vibrant cities, and homes to suit all budgets.

That’s part of the reason my family recently became New Zealand citizens.

The obvious attractions of this South Pacific location mean that residency and citizenship in New Zealand is becoming more desirable. Right now, New Zealand is looking for people who have the desire, skills, and experience to make a difference to the country.

When considering residency options, keep in mind that the categories and qualifications change from time to time, so don’t be disenchanted if you don’t qualify today; I recall the scoring system changing four or five times in one year alone.

One pathway into New Zealand is under the various immigrant “Worker” categories, which help to define potential immigrant applications for residency and permits. For example, if you are suitably qualified and experienced, and have “get up and go,” then the Skilled Migrant category could be the route for you. If your application is successful and the New Zealand government believes that you will settle and contribute to the country, you will be offered residency.

New Zealand appeals to foreign investors as a safe, stable country that has a strong commercial outlook and a unique manner of embracing different lifestyles.

Fortunately, New Zealand is free of the political turmoil experienced in other countries, and the economy is thriving. Although New Zealand is geographically isolated, this can be advantageous because it’s the first country across the International Dateline to greet each new business day. The code of business practice is generally straightforward and direct, with a free-market philosophy.

Once you have obtained residency in New Zealand and held it for a certain period of time, you will become eligible to apply for citizenship.

David Tanzer
For International Living

P.S. Naturally, New Zealand welcomes people looking to invest. When applying for residency under the Investor category, you will need, among other things, to invest NZ$2 million (approximately US$1.5 million) for five years, and be under the age of 55.

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