Sora Rivals Boquete as a Near-Perfect Retirement Destination

Sora Rivals Boquete as a Near-Perfect Retirement Destination

Imagine having this mountain view and being just 60 miles from a major city center…you can have that in Sora.

January 30, 2008
Panama City, Panama

Over the past five years, Boquete has been touted as one of the world’s top retirement destinations. Certainly, the expansive mountain views and cool climate continue to be a draw…but there are those who rule out Boquete because it’s so far from PanamaCity (and not particularly close to any beaches). Enter Sora, just 60 miles from Panama City and a 45-minute drive from some of Panama’s best beaches. If you need to visit Panama City frequently—for sophisticated medical care, for business reasons, or simply because you like “going into town” for dinner or a show—then you should consider Sora…especially if you also want to be near the beach. For our current issue of Panama Insider, we went to Sora to find out if it had more to offer than just cool weather and a prime location, and we were mightily impressed by the property prices…here is an excerpt:

If I ever get tired of the city (it could happen), I’ll go live in Sora. I have heard many die-hard city-dwellers echo my thoughts on this, and you may want to consider it, too…for a few simple reasons:

  • Easy: The location is unbeatable. Unlike the popular retirement destination of Boquete, Sora is just 60 miles—about an hour and a half by car—from Panama City. It’s also 45 minutes from some of the nation’s best Pacific beaches, known as the “dry arch” beaches because they get less rain than the rest of the country.
  • Breezy: Sora enjoys balmy mountain weather that is slightly cooler than that of Panama City.
  • Beautiful: Perhaps best of all, the mountain views here rival Boquete’s. And we all know what a success-story Boquete has become since expats began flocking there some years ago…can you say “property appreciation”?

With altitudes from 1,200 to 3,400 feet, Sora is a settlement in the mountains of Chame, first populated centuries ago by the tribes of the Caribs. Sora’s climate is near-perfect at between 70° and 75°F during the day and up to 15°F cooler at night…and it’s also a bit less humid than Panama City.

Much of Sora is dominated by a modern 6,000-acre residential development. Though the expat community here is growing, this project was not created to attract expats…most of the approximately 1,000 owners are Panamanian.

Mountain and mountain/ocean-view lots here vary in size, starting from about half an acre. You can buy just the land and build on it yourself whenever you like, or choose to include the construction of your home in a package deal.

The area is rich in natural appeal, with rivers, waterfalls, and walking trails dotting the landscape. If bird-watching and hiking aren’t enough to keep you entertained, you can drive 20 to 40 minutes for a wider selection of great restaurants, as well as casinos, cute beach bars, etc.

The same goes for anything beyond basic medical care, as there is no hospital in Sora. There is a clinic with an emergency room in San Carlos, about 40 minutes away, or you can go to the new Nicolas Solano hospital in Chorrera, which is about 45 minutes away. Most people, however, choose to travel the 90 minutes to Panama City for U.S.-style care in ultra-modern hospitals.

There are plenty of doctors with small practices between Sora/Bejuco and Coronado, so if all you need is a simple prescription you won’t have to go far. There is also a police station and a scattering of small shops and convenience stores…and a restaurant or two…in Sora.

The property prices are the best part of life in Sora, with lots available from $80,000 and home-lot packages from $123,000 for a two-bedroom, 1,524-square-foot-home, to $203,000 or higher for larger models or lots.

We’ve learned that there are just a few lots available from $40,000 in a new section of the development, located midway between Sora and another popular retirement destination, El Valle de Anton.

Interested in learning more? Read all about Sora and more in this month’s edition of Panama Insider. Every month, we scout out the best properties and opportunities for people like you, who want to know exactly where and how to save money in Panama. Find out the details of the project we mentioned and about property near Sora, and get an invaluable list of money- and time-saving tips for your next business venture…it’s all in the current issue of Panama Insider . Learn more about subscribing to Panama Insider.

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Jessica Ramesch
Editor, Panama Insider

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