Brazil Islands For Sale–From $217,000

Have you ever pictured yourself lounging on a tropical island, totally secluded, with only the sounds of nature to disturb the silence? Watching faraway ships passing by as the sun sets over the water? Living totally “off the grid” when you choose to get away from the stress of the world? If so, I’ve found a few islands in Brazil where you can make that dream come true.

Brazil Island For Sale #1: Ilha Aletrop

The first of these islands is Ilha Aletrop (Ihla means “island” in Portuguese). It’s a large 148-acre island located in the state of Pernambuco on Brazil’s north coast. You can build on 15 acres, while the rest must be preserved in its natural state.

Ihla Aletrop is off the grid, and gets its power from two diesel generators. Water is supplied from freshwater wells. You can reach the island by boat, just two minutes from the Brazil mainland. Good restaurants, shops and bars are on shore, and the city of Recife is about 45 minutes away. Nestled next to the larger island of Itamaracá, Aletrop Island is well-sheltered from the open sea, and the surrounding water is great for boating, fishing, and water sports.

Brazil Island For Sale #2: Aletrop Island

Aletrop Island comes with a four-bedroom house, with two pools, a bar, and a soccer field…not to mention a small event center. It’s been used as a retreat for a wealthy family and their friends for many years. The asking price for Ihla Aletrop is $649,000.

Brazil Island For Sale #3: Ilha Sapoeira

Ilha Sapoeira is only about 2.5 acres, and is located about 50 miles south of Río de Janeiro. Situated 10 minutes from the nearest town (by boat), Ilha Sapoeira is surrounded by calm, clear water, and is sheltered from the rough seas by other islands. The island offers three sandy beaches, a fresh water supply, and lots of tropical fruit trees. It is for sale for only $399,000.

Brazil Island For Sale #4: Ihla de Cachorro (My Favorite Brazil Island)

The largest of the islands we found on our Brazil trip was also the most affordable. It’s called Ihla de Cachorro (Isle of Dogs) and it’s a huge 247 acres (100 hectares) of tropical forest. Located at the end of a 300-meter boat crossing, the island has two large cleared areas, while the rest is thick mangroves and natural forest.

You can build on 37 acres (reconfirm this before building), while the rest of the land is preserved. As I said, the most affordable of the islands we saw…it’s for sale for only $217,000.

In six years of researching private islands, this island in Brazil is the best buy I’ve seen.

With each property, island building restrictions apply. Any new structures must be made of wood, and the area that can be developed will be limited. It’s unlikely that any large commercial development would be approved on an island in Brazil. (The island of Itamaracá is an exception, because it is zoned as a city.)

If you’ve ever looked at private islands in the Caribbean region, you’ll know that these prices in Brazil are unbelievably low…and Brazil has the same great weather as The Bahamas, without the hurricanes. For example, Bird Cay is for sale in The Bahamas and is about the same size as Ihla de Cachorro…except the asking price is $28 million.

There is nothing more private, romantic, or exotic than having your own tropical island. And Brazil’s a great place to do it, with its year-round summer weather, fresh ocean breezes, and warm, hurricane-free waters. And a private island is also a great purchase to make with a group of friends.

P.S. I have one more island for you…you can’t buy the whole island…but you can buy tropical beachfront property on it for less than $35,000.

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