Vilcabamba, Ecuador: Four Riverfront Lots For Sale

Vilcabamba, Ecuador: Four Riverfront Lots For Sale

I’m writing to you about some riverfront lots that I just learned about yesterday, in Vilcabamba. It’s been years since I’ve seen property like this for sale.

Vilcabamba is my first choice for country living in Ecuador, because of its perfect weather, healthy, pure environment, and ultra-low cost of living.

Situated at the ideal 1,500 meters above sea level (about 5,000 feet) the temperatures are perfect all year; warm days in the high 70s, and cool nights in the 60s. The air is pure, and the sparkling water tumbles directly down from a nearby cloud forest. Vilcabamba claims to have the world’s highest percentage of people over 100 years of age, and there are an abundance of theories as to why. Personally, I attribute their longevity to the pure environment, organically grown food, perfect weather, lack of stress, and the tendency of the local people to get plenty of aerobic exercise.

Vilcabamba, Ecuador Cost of Living

During our four years of owning a home in Vilcabamba, our cost of living was about $544 per month, which included two dinners out per week, groceries, taxes ($7 per year), water, electricity, phone, health care, and maintenance for the car.

The village of Vilcabamba has less than 1,000 people, with a total of 4,200 when including the surrounding valleys. It is not a typical Ecuadorian country village, thanks to its popularity among world travelers. The town square is clean, pleasant and inviting, and provides the perfect social center for the local population…with significantly more restaurants and shops than you’d normally find in a town this size. People from the world over come to visit, and some decide to make it their home. In fact, Vilcabamba has the highest concentration of English-speakers of anywhere in Ecuador.

Vilcabamba, Ecuador Land For Sale

A friend just told me about four lots for sale, right on the Vilcabamba River…and since I’m still getting inquiries about the land I sold two years ago, I thought I’d pass it along. These lots are not only on the river, but within easy walking distance of the Vilcabamba village center. It’s been years since I’ve seen a private sale of riverfront land, especially this close to the village.

Each lot is 2,500 square meters, which is 0.62 acres. One of the four lots has a one-bedroom, two-bath house on it. The asking price is $39,500 for each of the building lots, and $65,000 for the lot with the house.

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