Affordable Beach in Latin America

Affordable Beach in Latin America

Affordable Beach: A Special IL Report on the Top 6 Destinations Right Now

I’ve written about the most affordable places to live in Mexico and the best places to retire in Latin America. And I’ve listed what I think are the most beautiful beaches in Mexico.

Expanding the horizons then, here are my picks for the best places to live affordably on the beach in Latin America right now. For me, that means low real estate prices and a low daily cost of living. In other words, you won’t find any major resort destinations on my list…

Affordable Beach Close to the U.S.

Obviously, I’m keen on the affordable beach along Mexico’s Yucatan Coast. Start in Progreso (just a 30-minute drive from my home in Merida) and go east or west along the coast to find large parcels of deserted beach fronting the gorgeous emerald Gulf of Mexico. Prices for beachfront property are very affordable, especially considering how close this area is to the U.S. (A direct flight from Miami to Merida takes just two hours.) You can buy a condo here for less than $60,000 or a beachfront home for less than $140,000.

Affordable Beach on the Pacific Coast

Nicaragua has amazing beaches all along its Pacific Coast. My favorite affordable beach town is San Juan del Sur, where you’ll find a sizeable expat population, great restaurants, and beautiful boutique hotels. Go north or south from San Juan del Sur to find some mighty impressive beaches…places where the lush jungle comes right to the water’s edge and you may not see another soul. Here, you can still get an acre or more of ocean-view land for $40,000 or less.

Affordable Beach for $30,000!

Panama is “the” place for a beach lover. This narrow squiggle of a country is practically nothing but beaches. Contadora Island is one of my favorite places to while away the days with a book on a sun-kissed beach next to some of the clearest, calmest waters one could hope to find. But my new favorite affordable beach town in Panama is Boca Chica in the province of Chiriqui. If you’re a Panama Insider subscriber, you can read all about it in this month’s issue. You can buy a beachfront lot here (with infrastructure) for just $30,000!

Affordable Beach if Your Budget is Tiny

If affordable living is your primary consideration, there is no better place than Ecuador. And there is no better spot right now for affordable beach living in Ecuador than along the Ruta del Sol between Salinas and Manta. Both of these cities have terrific infrastructure and a very low cost of living overall. But if you’re on a micro-budget, check out the smaller towns like Olon, Montanita, and Puerto Lopez. You can find beachfront homes on this stretch of coast for less than $50,000. And a lobster dinner at a beachside restaurant will set you back just $5 or less.

Farther south, Uruguay and Brazil take the cake for affordable beach living. In Uruguay, the farther east you go from Montevideo and Punta del Este, the lower the prices for real estate and everything else. I’ve not been there myself, but my colleague Margaret Summerfield says La Pedrera is one of the nicest beaches in Uruguay. She also recommends some of the small towns outside Fortaleza in Brazil. Ronan McMahon’s Real Estate Trend Alert members have an opportunity to travel together to check out this area in January. You can learn more about this trip here.


Suzan Haskins
Your Latin America Insider

P.S. You can bet we’ll be talking about affordable beach living at the International Living Ultimate Event in Cancun March 3-6. Expect to meet hundreds of experts and would-be expats when we meet at one of the best hotels in Quito, Ecuador. You’ll learn all about what it takes to invest or make your home in dozens of locations around the world. And from Quito you can easily get to the destinations I’ve mentioned here.

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