Fly Brazil for $138

I’ve discovered a cheap way to fly around Brazil.

A few weeks ago I was on a real estate scouting trip to this country, and my meetings were spread over four cities. I wasn’t flexible on the dates I could fly so the four internal flights… Rio – Salvador – Recife – Fortaleza – Rio…would have cost me more than $1,100. Even if your dates are flexible, the cheapest flights for these cities on right now cost $952.

But once I discovered the Brazil Airpass, these four flights cost me $599.

Here’s how it works:

–Recommended By IL–

Never pay tourist prices again when you travel.

Whether your next trip is your first or your hundredth, you can be the person who is “in the know” when it comes to grabbing the very best bargain airfares… the rental car upgrades at no additional cost… even hotel rates so good that the hotel’s reservation staff doesn’t always know about them.

Put years… and thousands of miles… of travel savvy at your fingertips right now. And never travel like a tourist – or pay tourist prices – again.

Learn more here.


* You buy a coupon for $138. One coupon covers one flight. You buy a minimum of four coupons and a maximum of nine.

* You can only buy the Airpass after you buy your international ticket (and it must originate outside Brazil).

* The Brazil Airpass is offered by TAM, so if your international flight is also with TAM, you get the best price on the Airpass.

Boarding taxes are not included, but I did not have to pay additional fees at any point.

It’s tough to book the Airpass online; I had to call the TAM office, but once I did that the process was smooth. All the details are here.

Margaret Summerfield
Director, Pathfinder Ltd.

P.S. If you’re at IL’s 2009 International Real Estate Investment Forum in June, I’ll tell you everything I discovered on my scouting trip. This event isn’t officially open for sign-ups, but if you register now here, you get $700 off.

Editor’s note: We’ve just released our newest resource–the Brazil Owner’s Manual. See how to get the best deal on it here.

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