Live Well on $600 a Month in Ecuador

Live Well on $600 a Month in Ecuador

You can rent in the colonial city of Cuenca for $300 a month

Dear International Living Reader,

When affordable quality of life is the number one priority, more International Living readers move to Ecuador than anyplace else.

That’s hardly surprising. Ecuador would be worth considering at any price. Readers Lee and Peggy Carper enjoy a comfortable life on less than $600 per month.

The Carpers (he’s 56 and she’s 53) rent a three-bedroom apartment in the mountain town of Cotacachi for $150 per month. They pay $250 for food (they eat out every day)…$50 for medicine…$40 for maid service…and $24 to have their all laundry done.

With $2 hair cuts, $2 manicures, $2.50 four-course dinners, $10 doctor’s visits…it’s hard to go broke in Ecuador, even if you try.

Before moving to Ecuador, Lee was on disability from a work injury. But now? “I haven’t felt this good in so long I can’t remember,” Lee says. “I used to take pain medication, but here I rarely take an aspirin.”

If you were to move to Ecuador…where would you live? Here are three suggestions to boost your quality of life and trim your expenses:

1. Live on the Beach
Our global real estate guru Ronan McMahon has a favorite Ecuador beach pick right now: the surfer town of Jama. Big quarter-acre beach lots are $50,000…and with low construction costs, another $50,000 builds you a high-quality, 1,250-square-foot home. For a total $100,000 you can step out your front door and wiggle your toes in the sand.

2. Retire to a Lush Valley
Tucked away deep in southern Ecuador is Vilcabamba. Known as the Valley of Longevity, the centenarians are common and spry. Jagged mountain peaks rise in all directions. Crystal clear streams splash down from the nearby cloud forest, providing the area with clean water. You can buy a small 2-acre farm here (with a house) for $75,000.

3. Rent a Penthouse
Reader Kent Zimmerman lives in a rooftop apartment with panoramic views across Cuenca—perhaps the world’s most picturesque colonial city. Kent pays $300 a month rent. If he wanted to splurge, he could have the best address in town—overlooking the parks and Tomebamba River. Here, a huge four-bedroom, two-floor penthouse rents for $1,050 per month. That is, Kent happily points out: “Less than my son pays for his studio apartment back in Boulder.”

The choices of things to do and places to retire to are unlimited in Ecuador. You could buy a colonial home…meet loads of expats…or strike out on your own…enjoy the freshest fruit…spend time with magical shamans…take pleasure from the warm people and warm weather…the list is endless.

Put simply: You can do just about anything you want in Ecuador…except go broke.
You can read my full report on the best places to live well in Ecuador…and learn about one business opportunity that could make you a lot of money in this country…in the July issue of International Living Magazine.
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Len Galvin
Managing Editor, IL Postcards

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