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“I left school at 15 to live in a hippy squat house in London. I’ve tended bar in a strip joint… inspected bolts at a factory… waitressed in a Chinese restaurant… clerked at a print shop where I typed invoices and lied to customers about why their orders weren’t ready… But today I get paid to visit white sand Caribbean beaches… wildlife sanctuaries in Borneo… Indian Ocean hideaways… Rome… Paris… London…”

This is a true story! The above words come from Steenie Harvey, International Living’s Europe Editor. As well as seeking out the best places in Europe for IL readers to settle, Steenie also dabbles in some travel writing.

Imagine being able to indulge your passion for travel…and get paid for it. It seems like the stuff of dreams…too good to be true…a career that would take you to exotic destinations the world over…let you explore, enjoy, immerse yourself—and pay you to be there. But it is possible…just ask Steenie!

Travel writing is something you can do from anywhere. So whether you’re on the deck of your new home in Costa Rica, or sitting beside a roaring fire in your rented chalet in the French Alps…you too can be making money writing about your adventures.

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