The World’s Best Climate


Discover the world’s best climates…for living and enjoying life.

People move abroad for a lot of reasons, but at the top of almost everyone’s list is getting the best climate possible.

Usually we yearn to escape harsh winters, snow, rain…and dream of living in a place where the sun shines every day and you don’t have to worry about scraping ice from your car before heading out to buy some milk!

But where is the best climate? And more importantly… what is the best climate for you?

Are you after surf and sun? Your best climate could be waiting in Mexico, Belize, or Spain. Like clean air and mountain scenery? Your best climate might be up in the peaks of Ecuador, Argentina, or Italy.

The world is a big place with lots of places to choose. In fact, choosing the best climate from all the possible destinations in the world could be an overwhelming task. That’s where we’d like to help.

Each year, we compile a list of the best places in the world to retire. We rate countries according to categories like cost of living, infrastructure and climate.

We’ve sifted and sorted this research for you to develop a very special report – The World’s Best Climates.

And the best part? Just like the weather — it’s absolutely free!

In this report, we’re going to share with you the top 10 countries according to climate. The list is varied and diverse (you may be surprised when we tell you what country came out on top in this category)…some of these places will appeal to you, others may not.

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  • Sunshine, temperature and seasonal information
  • And much more…

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