International Living Conference in Ecuador Draws International Media Attention

International Living Conference in Ecuador Draws International Media Attention

More than 370 people, mostly from the U.S., gathered last week to learn strategies for living, working, and investing abroad at’s Ultimate Event V Conference in Ecuador.

That many Americans traveling all the way to Quito, Ecuador at the same time drew the attention of international media organizations. CNN and the BBC both covered the event, and a film and interview crew from AARP also covered the conference in Ecuador.

“Attendance at our conferences has grown in direct proportion to the worsening conditions in the U.S.” said Dan Prescher, Special Projects Editor for and master of ceremonies at the conference in Ecuador. “It was the biggest event in the 30-year history of When that many Americans travel that far to basically find out how to save themselves from going broke in the U.S., it’s bound to attract some media attention.”

Prescher said that many of the attendees at the conference in Ecuador felt that the U.S. was in a rapid decline, and that was a major reason for the media interest in the event.

“A lot of our attendees see the U.S. economy tanking, health care being made even more confusing and expensive, personal freedom and privacy dwindling, pension plans and investments evaporating, big banks and corporations feeding at the government trough,” said Prescher. “And they see no will on the part of U.S. politicians to cooperate on fixing things for the individual.

“With all these concerns,” said Prescher, “they come to our events to learn practical, legal ways to preserve what they have left and make it go as far as possible outside the U.S.” Publisher Jackie Flynn said that most of the attendees at the conference in Ecuador couldn’t imagine affording a decent retirement in the U.S. under current conditions.

“There are plenty of healthy, safe, affordable places around the world where a person can enjoy a high-quality life on a fraction of what it would cost them in the States,” said Flynn. “We introduce them to those places and to the ways that living, working, and investing abroad can improve their lives and save them money.”

Flynn said that the conference in Ecuador drew people of all ages and economic groups.

“It’s not just retirees or people thinking about retiring,” said Flynn. “We saw young parents who were concerned about the quality of their children’s environment and education. We saw middle-aged people trying to figure out how to provide affordable long-term care for their parents.

“But of course,” said Flynn, “many attendees at or near retirement age were simply looking for a way to ensure a decent retirement – something they feel has been priced out of reach for them in America.”

The Ultimate Event V in Quito, Ecuador ran February 24-27 and featured more than 50 presenters, speakers, and experts on international living and investing. The next event will be held in Panama April 18-20.

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