Travel Photography Tips: How to Turn Your Photos into Cash

You can earn cash from your everyday photos

We all like to snap a few photographs every now and again…whether it’s to mark a special occasion, to capture a once-in-a-lifetime moment, or to help keep a happy memory alive.

But did you know that those photographs could be making you money?

Rather than having your photos take up space on your hard drive, why not put them to work for you. Selling your photos, whether to stock agencies, local publications, or to the general public, is simple. All you need is a camera (and it doesn’t need to be a fancy, expensive one…a regular point-and-shoot will do!) and an eye for a good photo.

For many people shooting photos to sell is just a part-time gig. They take photos at weekends and on vacation. Others make a full-time living from it…and a lucrative one at that. But that’s the beauty of photography…its flexible. And once you take the photo…the hard work is over. Selling photos to stock agencies in particular means you just sit back and wait for the money to roll in.

Snap Your Way to Profits of Over $800 a Week

Walk into your back yard, kneel down, and snap a photo of a flower in your garden…take a shot of your friend on the beach on your travels…or capture a shot of your grandchildren playing with a football. Did you know that these photos could earn you $25…$50…even $150 or more for each one?

Imagine if, every time you went on vacation, with your camera in tow, you could make up to $800 for those pictures you snap.

Become a Celebrity in Your Hometown

With a camera slung around your neck, and pictures hanging in nearby coffee shops and galleries, expect attention, opportunity, and sales!

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