IL’s Weekly Wrap-up Video: Five IL Readers Move Overseas…Discounts on Roatan…Luxury for Less in New Zealand…and Much More

IL's Weekly Wrap-up Video: Five IL Readers Move Overseas…Discounts on Roatan…Luxury for Less in New Zealand...and Much More

Welcome to this week’s wrap-up video. Dan Prescher reports from Cotacachi, Ecuador, with a run-down of postcards for the week ending July 24.

There are lots of money-saving and money-making tips in this batch of postcards. They’re too good to miss, and here’s why:

On Monday, July 19, Len Galvin told the story of five readers who recently made the decision to “just do it” and move overseas. Janet Grosshander in Costa Rica, Margot Brown in Belize, Albert Fine in Panama, Kent Zimmerman in Ecuador, and Lucy Culpepper in France. They tell you just how they did it, and if they can do it, so can you.

On Tuesday, we introduced us to the small town of Mercedes in Uruguay, located on a wide bend of the Rio Negro. We liken this town to living in Smallville U.S.A.–40,000 people living relaxed, middle-class lifestyles in a place where decent fixer-uppers sell for $50,000 or less and a well-furnished, move-into property averages $90,000.

Joel and Anna Moskowicz reported from Roatan, the idyllic Caribbean island off the coast of Honduras. Thanks to global economic conditions, you can find properties there with a 15% to 30% discount. It’s a buyers market with bargains like a beachfront lot for just $30,000. If you’ve ever dreamed of living the island life, you should read Joel and Anna’s postcard.

On Thursday, Mike Colwill described how the dramatically beautiful island of Waiheke, located just 30 minutes by ferry from Auckland in New Zealand’s North Island, has grown up. Thirty years ago it was a remote location serviced by a slow ferry. Now it’s connected to the main island by high-speed ferries that run 20 times a day. Waiheke has become an internationally-recognized luxury spot, which recently featured in Frommers Top 12 World Destinations. But, Mike reports, real estate prices haven’t yet caught up to Waiheke’s luxury status.

Rob Marstrand revealed a secret Wall Street doesn’t want you to know about. It’s a secret that’s right out there for everyone to see… but no one points it out. Rob does, and he tells you how to use that secret to own one of the most promising emerging market stocks in the world today. He also tells you how to get it at such a discount that it amounts to getting free shares.

Then there is the story of a perfect storm of big neighbors, World Cup fever, and favored location that adds up to beachfront property in Uruguay priced at what amounts to a penny on the dollar. Where is the eye of this perfect, sunny real estate storm? Ronan McMahon tells you in his postcard from last Saturday.

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