7 Places You Can Buy Affordable Beachfront Property

7 Places You Can Buy Affordable Beachfront Property

America has some gorgeous beaches…and stunning beachfront properties. But there’s a severely limited supply, especially of Grade A, beachfront real estate…and a burgeoning demand, especially among Baby Boomers. Even if your budget isn’t small, you’ll have trouble finding a seaside getaway on either U.S. coast that could be called a bargain.

But the country doesn’t have a monopoly on nice beaches. Indeed, some of the most desirable beachfront property in the world right now does not sit within the confines of U.S. borders.

In our special report, 7 Places You Can Buy Great Beachfront Property Under $100,000, we’ll reveal seven beach towns in Latin America where you can get the best value for your dollar…a house with a swimming pool in the back and the ocean out front, on one of the world’s most spectacular stretches of coastline, for $84,000…a beachfront lot, on which you can build your very own dream home in paradise, for $20,000…and many more amazing deals (most of which are under $100,000).

And don’t worry, these are not places that are dangerous, rat-infested, or miles from civilization! They just happen to be in countries where, for various reasons, your dollar will still go far…like Brazil, which has a very favorable dollar/real exchange rate…or Ecuador, where the legal tender is the U.S. dollar.

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