Video Postcard: Renting in Ecuador From $350 a Month

Video Postcard: Renting in Ecuador From $350 a Month

One of the best ways to “try before you buy” if you’re looking at an overseas destination is to rent. Renting let’s you experience the neighborhood you’re considering for your relocation more as a resident and less as a tourist.

Ecuador is no exception, and renting in Ecuador is easy… but there are some basic things to keep in mind about renting in Ecuador.

For example, a great source of potential rentals is the local paper, especially El Comercio in Quito. But you’ll need at least basic Spanish to make sense of the listings and contact most local owners.

Cybercafes and restaurants around universities and medical centers are also a good place to find local postings if you want to rent in Ecuador, especially if you’re looking for inexpensive places or just a room.

Thanks to the growing number of expats in Ecuador, developments and gated communities are becoming more common throughout the country. Searching the Internet in English for condos and apartments in Ecuador often turn up these projects, and many of them have available rentals. A unit such as the one in the following video rents for about $600 per month.

Renting in Quito and Cuenca

Ecuador’s capital, Quito, and its third-largest city, Cuenca, are both very popular places to base a long-term exploratory trip to Ecuador. In both cities you can find monthly rentals offered by locals in decent neighborhoods starting at about $350 per month.

Rentals in Ecuador come either furnished or unfurnished, and in either case it’s important to inspect the place first. Make sure you not any and all problems with floors, doors, windows, electrical fixtures, appliances, etc. Landlords in Ecuador will want a damage deposit and, in the case of larger, more expensive rentals, will often require a written contract for the length of the stay, so make sure you and your landlord understand the exact condition of the place before you move in. You’ll need to leave the place exactly as you found it to get your damage deposit back.

Another great way to spend extended time in Ecuador and learn the language is with a home stay with a family. Rent is often inexpensive, and you’ll be immersed in the local culture and language. Home stays are plentiful on the Internet through the web sites of Ecuadorian language schools.

You can also find excellent rentals in many parts of Ecuador through websites that specialize in vacation rentals by owners such as VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner).

If your Spanish is already good, you can often simply walk the neighborhood you’d like to try living in and watch for rental signs. Calling a few numbers and visiting a few places will give you a very accurate feel for what the neighborhood is like and what’s available.

Renting in Ecuador can be a rewarding experience and may lead to lifelong relationships and a deeper understanding of the area of Ecuador you’re interested in.

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