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Belize is a little Caribbean country with big features, and renting in Belize is one of the best ways to explore the many options this tiny gem of a country has to offer.

Belize’s 8,867 square miles of land is divided into six districts, and each district has its own unique character.

Beginning in the north near the border with Mexico is Corozal, with miles of frontage on the calm, clear waters of the Bay of Chetumal. Rentals here are centered around the district capital of Corozal Town. A number of real estate agencies are based in Corozal Town, and all have available rentals, including Corozal Real Estate, Buy Belize, Belize North Real Estate, and Corozal Realty.

Here’s an example of a Belize rental on offer in Corozal today: A fully furnished 800- square-foot apartment with a sea view is for rent in the Bay Shore Drive neighborhood. The apartment is at ground level with drive-in gate. It has one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen/living room combination with washer/dryer, air conditioning, and available Internet. Price: $550 per month. See here for more details.


Renting in Ambergris Caye

The Belize district is down the coast from Corozal and includes the old capital of Belize City and the country’s most active tourist area, Ambergris Caye and its small town of San Pedro. Long a fishing and scuba diving destination, Ambergris Caye gets more tourists than any other part of Belize, and the rental market is mature and can be expensive depending on how close to the beautiful Caribbean beaches you are.

Hundreds of companies, developers, and private individuals offer rentals on Ambergris, as can be seen from a sample of listings at Vacation Rental By Owner for Ambergris Caye.

For example, you can rent a fully-furnished one-bedroom, one-bathroom condo with air conditioning, Internet, and cable TV. The condo sits directly on the beach just outside San Pedro town and rent starts at $585 per week.

Continuing down the Caribbean coast, the next district is Stann Creek, where many of Belize’s Garifuna live. The Garifuna are a mix of Carib Indian and African ancestry who fled slavery in the Caribbean islands and established themselves along the shore of Central America in the 1800s. This gives Stann Creek a unique ethnic character that has begun drawing tourists in increasing numbers.

Renting in Belize in the Stann Creek district is centered around the district capital of Dangriga, in the resorts around the town of Hopkins, and along the peninsula anchored by the town of Placencia. One resource for Stann Creek rentals are Belize Property Agents.

As an example, for $1,500 per week you can rent a 2,500-square-foot house near the beach with two-bedrooms, one-bathroom and daily maid service. The property also has a  Jacuzzi, balcony, and air-conditioning.

Maya culture and adventure

Belize’s southern-most coastal district is the Toledo district, anchored by the town of Punta Gorda. Toleda has a wealth of Maya culture… not only ruins, but living Maya communities that still thrive in the hills upcountry from the coast. The local terrain also offers dozens of options for caving, river rafting and jungle explorations, which makes renting in Belize’s Toledo district an eco-adventurer’s delight. Many vacation-type rentals can be found on the Vacation Rental By Owner site for southern Belize.

For example, starting at $2,100 per month (or $699 a week) is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom house directly on the Jacinto River with a full kitchen and air conditioning.

Belize’s two remaining districts are in the highlands bordering Guatemala—and Maya culture is particularly strong here. The district of Orange Walk to the north has a large population of Maya mestizos who came to Belize as refugees from the Mexican Cast Wars in the 1800s…one reason Spanish is spoken as commonly as Belize’s native language of English here.

Orange Walk is also where you’ll find some excellent Maya archeological sites, including Lamanai and Chan Chich. And with more than 400 species of birds, it’s a bird-watcher’s paradise. Renting in Belize’s Orange Walk district is often a matter of finding a hotel in the district capital of Orange Walk and chatting up locals about rental opportunities. Good places to begin are Hotel de la Fuente or D*Victoria Hotel.

Finally, the upland district of Cayo is Belize’s largest and features the widest selection of archeological sites in the country. It contains the new Belizean capital at Belmopan and the thriving river community of San Ignacio, which itself has a small but thriving expat population. Developers who have looked beyond beachfront have discovered Cayo’s magnificent geography and started to establish projects like Carmelita Gardens.

Many visitors who are thinking about renting in Belize in the Cayo district, base themselves in San Ignacio, and a number of potential rentals can be found here.

For example, just outside downtown San Ignacio is a two-bedroom, one-bathroom house with air-conditioning, full kitchen, satellite TV, Internet, washing machine, and off-street parking. Rent starts at $1,400 per month. See here for more details.

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    Each day you'll learn about the best places to retire, travel, buy real estate and enjoy life overseas.

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