The Climate in Costa Rica

The Climate in Costa Rica

Sun, sand, and surf… Costa Rica’s reputation as a tropical paradise is well deserved.

But Costa Rica isn’t just a single beach. This little country has long lengths of both Caribbean and Pacific Coast beaches as well as mountainous highlands, dense rain forests, and lush valleys.

So in Costa Rica, changing your weather means two things… changing your altitude, and changing the amount of rain fall. Go the the highland city of Monteverde and you’ll be surrounded by cool mist and fog much of the year. Go to the Pacific coast around Guanacaste, and you’ll be hot and dry as you lay on the world-class beaches.

The country itself has an average annual temperature ranging from 70 to 81 F (21 to 27 C). Thanks to its proximity to the equator, Costa Rica has no real summer or winter, but it does have a rainy season from May to November. Average rainfall in Costa Rica is around 100 inches, but some areas in Costa Rica’s mountains can get 25 feet of rainfall annually.

Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast actually has its own microclimate thanks to constant trade winds that keep the climate hot and moist, with rain year around.

For many people, the country’s capital of San Jose and the Central Valley in which it sits boast the best weather in the country. At altitudes that vary around 2,000 feet above sea level, the average temperature is ideal at 72 F (22 C).

If you like your weather a little warmer, Costa Rica’s lowlands and coastal areas have an average temperature of 79 F (26 C).

No matter when you go to Costa Rica, or where in the country you visit, you’ll find one thing is constant… beautiful scenery, friendly people, and ecological awareness.

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