Video: San Bartolome, Ecuador—The Craft of Guitar Making

Video: San Bartolome, Ecuador—The Craft of Guitar Making

In this video, IL postcards editor Len Galvin visits a guitar maker in the town of San Bartolome, near Cuenca in Ecuador.

San Bartolome is one of Ecuador’s “guild villages,” a system inherited from Spain that means each town or village specializes in a craft. San Bartolome (about an hour from Cuenca) is the village of the guitar makers—this video is of Snr. Uyaguari, a master guitar maker, and his son, Jose, who helps make the guitars and is an accomplished guitarist.

Editor’s note: From craft villages in the mountains where the air is crisp and cool, to the colonial splendor of the capital Quito and the beautiful Pacific coast beaches, Ecuador is a country that has the perfect lifestyle to suit you, whatever your tastes. We’re going to Ecuador this November for the Live and Invest in Ecuador Seminar 2011. Find out more about this conference here.

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