IL Radio Episode 11: Following the Surf and Great Weather to Panama

IL Radio Episode 11: Following the Surf and Great Weather to Panama

If you want to surf, you have to go where the waves are. When they decided to retire, Californians Stephen Johnson and Linda Murdock had some very specific location and lifestyle requirements… not least of which was Linda’s surf habit. When they put all their specifications together, they added up to the Pacific coast beaches of Panama…at least for now. What does their future hold? We’ll find out as we welcome Stephen Johnson and Linda Murdock to this week’s episode of Finding Your Overseas Paradise.


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Editor’s Note: In Panama you can have it all: a genuinely cosmopolitan capital city with one of the world’s largest financial districts…hundreds of miles of spectacular beaches…highland retreats with green valleys where the weather is spring-like, even at this time of year. For these reasons and more, we’re going to Panama in April—pick up a ticket to join us.

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