IL Radio Episode 20: A Canadian Couple Moved Offshore to Belize and Saved on Their Taxes

IL Radio Episode 20: A Canadian Couple Moved Offshore to Belize and Saved on Their Taxes

Paul and Kelly German had great lives back in Canada. As professional guides, they hiked, biked, kayaked and climbed all summer.

Each winter they headed for warmer weather…until they realized that they could just stay where it was summer all year round…and rearrange their tax situation to let them build their nest egg much faster than they could back home.

They embarked on a Caribbean odyssey that led to Ambergris Caye in Belize, and they tell us how they got there and what their lives are like on this idyllic tropical island in this edition of Finding Your Overseas Paradise.



A growing number of Canadian, U.S., and other expats are looking at retirement and second home options in Belize, the only Central American country with English as an official language.

In this podcast you’ll hear how Paul and Kelly:

  • Save on taxes by moving their business to Belize, thereby speeding up the process of saving for their retirement
  • Enjoy year-round good weather
  • Why they are happy with the health care in Belize
  • How they ended up on Ambergris Caye
  • How property is so much cheaper than back home in Canada
  • Why they love living in the Caribbean
  • What it’s like to start a business in Belize

You can listen to more podcasts here.

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