IL Radio Episode 21: From New York to Belize—Big Business in a Small Village

IL Radio Episode 21: From New York to Belize—Big Business in a Small Village

John and Pamela Solomon almost opened a restaurant in upstate New York… until they found a place that called their hearts…Placencia, Belize.

Now their restaurant, Rumfish, is one of the most popular on the peninsula, and they’re busy raising their daughter who was actually born in Belize.

It’s a story that will inspire anyone who has ever thought of owning their own business in a tropical paradise (in fact, John and Pamela found it easier to open a business in Belize than in New York) and they share their experience with us on this edition of Finding Your Overseas Paradise.



Once you visit Placencia, it’s not hard to see why it captures the hearts of so many expats like John and Pamela. The village of Placencia itself is a charming little place that reminds many people of the U.S. in the 1950s… people wave hello and stop to chat in the street, and the pace of life is slow and easy.

For many retirees, the simplicity of life in Placencia (and Belize) is a real draw. But that doesn’t mean that Placencia is backward…in fact, a new road and improved electricity infrastructure has inspired a mini-boom in residential developments, some of which are very upscale.

But it seems that in Placencia, they’re striking a wise balance between development and preserving the relaxed and friendly way of life that makes this village such a draw to begin with. For both retirement and investment, Placencia is in a special class by itself.

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Editor’s note: Placencia is one of the places covered in IL’s new Blueprint for a New Life in Belize. This new product is a virtual boots-on-the-ground walk-through of the best opportunities that Belize offers right now. Find out more here.

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