IL Radio Episode 23: The Benefits of Living in Mexico

IL Radio Episode 23: The Benefits of Living in Mexico

Glynna Prentice is International Living’s Mexico Editor for a reason…she loves the country and she loves to report back to IL readers regularly on the benefits of living in Mexico.

Currently she’s living in a World Heritage city by the sea, Campeche, but she’s soon going to see what life is like in Mexico’s central highlands. All of this while she’s spending the summer in Spain. It’s not hard to see why Glynna describes herself as a “serial relocator” and we catch up with her in this edition of Finding Your Overseas Paradise.


Reports are that approximately one million Americans live in Mexico. While it’s hard to verify that number, it’s not hard to imagine that it’s true. Some are working, of course, for U.S., Mexican, or other foreign corporations. You’ll find them in cities like Mexico City, Monterrey, Merida, Campeche (where Glynna currently lives) and Queretaro.


Snowbirds in Mexico

Some live in Mexico part-time…spending winter months in vacation homes, where the weather is always warm and the cervezas are always cold.

Many expats in Mexico, however, have moved there to enjoy their retirement years. They live in Mexico full-time and enjoy better weather, a more relaxed lifestyle, and a host of other benefits—including affordable top-quality health care and a much lower overall cost of living.

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