IL Radio Episode 24: A Profitable, Portable Career in Overseas Rentals

IL Radio Episode 24: A Profitable, Portable Career in Overseas Rentals

Sarah Booth was born to roam… Europe, Asia, Canada, Latin America, you name it, Sarah’s been there. And her travels have given her the perfect portable career… overseas rentals. She has rental properties in Mexico, Panama, Colombia and throughout Latin America, and she handles most of the management online, which means she can do business from any tropical paradise she chooses.

Sarah is also a people person, which makes her one of our favorite attendees at International Living conferences and seminars. Sarah may live the ideal life of a retired globetrotter, but she’s not retired… the world is her business. She’s not easy to catch up with, but we do just that on this edition of Finding Your Overseas Paradise.



Sarah’s home base in Coronado, Panama, but she started her career investing in real estate in Canada. Through International Living she then started real estate investing in Latin America. Her most recent real estate investment was in Medellin, Colombia, where she just bought two penthouse apartments there.

Editor’s Note: Learn more about how you can become a global real estate investor here.


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