IL Radio Episode 27: Retire to Ecuador for the Quality of Life and Value for Money

IL Radio Episode 27: Retire to Ecuador for the Quality of Life and Value for Money

Jack Moss and his wife, Debbie, had it made in the States. With a variety of successful careers, including the travel industry and many years in public service, they could have retired anyplace they chose. But when it came down to quality of life and value for money, they chose Ecuador, and in particular, the craft village of Cotacachi in the northern Andes Mountains.

In fact, Jack is our neighbor in Cotacachi, where my wife, Suzan Haskins, and I have lived for several years now. It’s comes as no surprise to us that Jack and Debbie have found a way to make public service and community involvement just as big part of their new lives in Ecuador as it was for them back in the States.

We talk to Jack about this new adventure and how they’ve made themselves at home high up in the Andes on this edition of Finding Your Overseas Paradise.




With a total population of just 7,000 people, Cotacachi, Ecuador is a surprisingly vibrant and forward-looking community that blends the best of Ecuador’s indigenous culture with an interest in community development.

This combination makes Cotacachi one of the most charming, peaceful, and well-managed towns in the region, and its fame as a center for leather crafts brings visitors and shoppers from all over the world to sample its wares.

Just 90 minutes from Ecuador’s historic capital of Quito, Cotacachi combines the best of small-town living with proximity to world-class services, shopping, and transportation infrastructure. Put it all together, and it’s no wonder that Cotacachi makes the list of many expats and retirees looking for safe, affordable, and healthy living outside the U.S. and Canada.

Ecuador has just been named as International Living’s top retirement haven for the third year running. You can read the full article here.

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Editor’s Note: Ecuador’s low costs and great quality of life creates options you just don’t have in most other places. That’s why International Living is soon hosting its first event in five years focused exclusively on Ecuador. Get your advance notice details here.

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