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Reclaim Your Retirement Beyond America’s Borders

Cancún, Mexico, February 21 – 25, 2012

Reclaim Your Retirement Beyond America's Borders

White-sand beaches…majestic mountains…historic colonial cities…South America has it all. © Barbara Helgason/iStock

Six months from now, you could be living in paradise… for much less than it costs you to stay home. In the best destinations overseas, your dollar just goes further…first class healthcare is affordable…you can keep a housekeeper or gardener…and live better than you can back home for a fraction of what you pay now…

White-sand beaches…majestic mountains…historic colonial cities in Latin America…small-town Europe…whatever you dream about can be your reality a lot more easily than you probably think when you know how to avoid the mistakes and false starts.

In Cancún next month at our 7th annual Ultimate Event, we’ll show you how. We’ve invited 100 speakers, including our editors, experts, and guests already living the good life overseas. They’ll all share their hard-won secrets—intelligence that could save you months of time and thousands of dollars—and put you in your own dream paradise, fast.

There’s no better place to have your questions answered and help you identify the opportunities that make the most sense for you. This program is like jet fuel for your overseas plans. In February, we’ll propel you from where you are now to where you want to be, fast…efficiently, and with ease… For more information, see here.

Turn Your Vacation Photos into Cash 

Phoenix, AZ, April 26 – 28, 2012

What if you could get paid to take pictures on vacation? Live anywhere. Travel anyplace. No experience necessary. Over three days this spring, we’ll show you how to turn your everyday shots into magazine-quality photos… and profit.

If you can snap a simple photograph…you could easily turn your next vacation, your own hometown, and even your pet goldfish…into fast, fun, easy cash. Over three fun, engaging, eye-opening days, learn the secrets to taking better pictures and successfully marketing them to newspapers, magazines, and online.

Participate in photo shoots with professional models and come away with photos you can sell right away. Plus find out how to use photos to turn your average vacation into a write-off on your taxes. For more information, including pricing, see here.

A Haven Offering True Variety 

Panama, April 12 – 14, 2012

Panama’s a place of sunshine, 365 days a year. You have hundreds of miles of beach…highland retreats with green valleys where the weather is spring-like, even in January and August… and a genuinely cosmopolitan capital city, too, with one of the world’s largest financial districts.

And Panama offers the world’s most generous retiree benefits. As a pensionado, you get discounts on utilities, airlines tickets, doctor bills, hotel stays, cultural events, and more. And you can be a pensionado from as young as 18 in some circumstances and at 50 years old, no question … so you don’t even have to actually be “retired.” As long as you can show an income of at least $1,000 a month—you can gain this status. You don’t have to invest in real estate. You don’t have to apply for citizenship.

Thousands of retirees have already settled easily in Panama, only here, the average Social Security check can fund luxuries like a house keeper…regular dinners out…theater… cinema…travel…even a beach house or a country retreat.

Here in Panama, things simply cost less. You can do all the things you like to do at home (or would like to do at home). But in Panama, at the end of a day spent indulging yourself, you still have money left in your pocket.

And it’s not just the cost of living, the warm weather or the great real estate deals you’ll like. Healthcare in Panama is top notch. Many physicians were educated in the United States, Canada, or Europe. There’s a Johns Hopkins-affiliated hospital right in Panama City—just one of several top-notch, technologically advanced facilities you have access to there.

Join us next April in Panama City for our Live and Invest in Panama Event and see for yourself.

Chill Out in the Caribbean 

On the southern end of Mexico‘s Riviera Maya, Tulum is picture-perfect. Ancient stone Mayan temples sit on craggy cliffs, gazing out over the limpid Caribbean. Beneath the intensely cobalt sea, a wonderland awaits…the world’s second-largest coral reef, and a shimmering display of tropical fish. The beach is gorgeous, with white powder sand that curls around limestone outcrops, hugging the seashore.

Inland, deep forest conceals a richness of wildlife (including manatees, pink flamingos, ocelots and turtles), a network of underground caves and crystal-clear pools.

And for just $180, you can experience this wonderland for yourself. On a Chill Weekend you can get a taste of Tulum’s eco-chic lifestyle…and see first-hand a community that offers five-acre forest lots, with stylish homes. See here.

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