Two Big Benefits of Living in Costa Rica

Two Big Benefits of Living in Costa Rica

Ben Hill says “I was a junk food junkie…stopping at every 7-11 and buying a bag of chips and a coke, a candy bar…but now I eat healthy food, I feel better, I’m more flexible and I weigh a lot less than I did back in California.”

Andy Browne says “My wife and I walk on the beach every day and we’ve both lost about 30 pounds.”

Jan Tilston says “We’ve lost weight and we’re healthier, but even more, we’re happier…”

What is it about a change in latitude that translates to a change in attitude? Expats will tell you that two things happen when they move overseas:

1) They feel like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders, and 2) That leads to a healthier lifestyle and weight loss.

Healthier and happier. We hear that over and over from IL readers who move to Costa Rica.

Todd Cutter says “Costa Rica offers true freedom. They say that about the U.S., but Costa Rica really does offer true freedom.” No one bothers you here, the government is non-invasive and stable, there aren’t people protesting in the streets…people are happy.

Those aren’t just empty words. Sociologists have actually proven that Costa Ricans are the happiest people on the planet—in something called the Happy Planet Index.

Todd has great advice to share: “Look internally and know yourself to know what kind of lifestyle you’re after. If you’re looking for ease of transition,” like shopping, medical care, social events, and a larger and more diverse expat community, “think about settling in the Central Valley towns of Escazú or Santa Ana. National Geographic says this is where you’ll find one of the top five climates in the world!”

Todd says there’s another big difference between Costa Rica and North America.

Costa Rica—and especially its Central Valley—is booming economically. That’s apparent if you spend any time at all here. Costa Ricans drive nice cars, live in nice homes, they’re well educated (the literacy rate here is 99%), they’re attractive and well dressed…and very few are tired, grumpy or overweight.

Editor’s note: Costa Rica is one of the main destinations of International Living’s Ultimate Event 2012. Get yourself to the CasaMagna Marriott in February—we’re filling the room with every lifestyle and investment opportunity you need.

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