IL Radio Episode 31: Expat Tax Tips

IL Radio Episode 31: Expat Tax Tips

It’s that time of year again for U.S. citizens — the Tax Man Commeth, and when he does, no matter where you are in the world, you need to get straight with him.

That can be complicated even for those who live in the States, but for expats living abroad, properly filing your taxes takes on a whole new dimension.

I’m Dan Prescher for International Living, and this week I’m talking to Nick Hodges—a guy who specializes in helping U.S. expats navigate the minefield of rules and regulations and properly file their taxes no matter where in the world they live or what their financial situation is.


Nick cuts his professional teeth on the taxes of global corporate executives, and he’s recently started bringing his expertise to International Living conferences… with rave reviews from folks from all walks of life who appreciate some qualified help cutting through the jungle of expat taxes.

Nick and I talk about the T word on this episode of Finding Your Overseas Paradise.

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