What Fellow Readers Have to Say About the Fast-Track Ecuador Conference”The conference was informative and makes me want to move here!”—Dianna Nissen”Makes the impossible, possible!”—Tim Nissen”I got all my questions answered and made numerous contacts that I will use in the future.”—Thomas L. Ryans”All the speakers and the mingling at the cocktail receptions really made me get excited about the possibility of moving to Ecuador.”—Lynn Symington”This event convinced me that my husband is correct in wanting to retire here!”— Lynn Symington”All of your staff was very helpful and well-informed. I particularly enjoyed seeing the people I have been seeing on varius videos and learning a great deal from.”—Ronald I. Sherman”Excellent source of information on living and investing in Ecuador.”—Hugh Burns”I just loved all the useful information that saves me time and trouble. International Living helps me every step of the way.”—Xavier Paquay De Plater”To be honest, this (event) was done so comprehensively, I can’t think of an agenda that would compel me to attend another of the same ilk.” —Karen Sawyer”The International Living folks went overboard in trying to do their best job in helping us understand the whole picture concerning Ecuador.” —John and Cheryl Golden

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