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International Living’s Publisher’s Roundtable

International Living’s Publisher’s Roundtable
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We’d like to give you unlimited access to $15,285 worth of money-saving, money-making resources about the best places—and ways—to live, retire, travel, and profit overseas this year…

This is about putting in your hands the fastest, most-efficient, most cost-effective tools there are to jump-start your life in a comfortable, safe, affordable place overseas.

Lots of International Living readers are already profiting from the advice our experts deliver every month…

And there’s nothing we like more than to hear from them about the places they’ve traveled …the retirement locations they’ve settled into…the money they’ve saved…and the lifelong friendships they’ve formed with other readers…

We’ve created a special circle of VIPs who…

  • Travel to some of the most exotic places on the planet…
  • Receive red-carpet treatment at high-powered seminars and conferences around the world…
  • Are privy to leading-edge, off-the-radar lifestyle and investment opportunities unavailable to anyone else…
  • Network one-on-one with some of the smartest investors and entrepreneurs in the business…
  • Have instant, “members-only” access to a vast storehouse of leading-edge lifestyle and investment intelligence, publications, and special reports…
  • And receive global investment and travel opportunities at significant discounts reserved exclusively for them…

Members of this group of VIPs get all that and much, much more.

And they get it all for life.

The VIP circle they’re talking about? We call it our Publisher’s Roundtable.

Here’s everything you get as a Publishers Roundtable member…

As a Publishers Roundtable member, you get all of the research services we’ve been publishing for the past few years…

Periodicals ($1,676)

  • International Living magazine
  • Real Estate Trend Alert
  • Incomes Abroad newsletter
  • Lifetime Society Communique
  • Quarterly Wealth Advisory

VIP Event Benefits ($5,587)

  • FREE event of your choosing
  • VIP reception, dinner and services
  • Membership discount rate for all events
  • Event recordings and video packages

Kits and Courses ($3,826)

  • Healthcare Roadmap
  • The Import-Export Blueprint: How to Fund a Travel-Rich Life Anywhere in the World
  • Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program
  • Blueprint for Your New Life Overseas
  • International Living’s Guide to Visas, Citizenship, and Residency
  • The Dream Property Shortcut
  • Blueprint for Your New Life in Belize
  • Blueprint for Your New Life in Nicaragua
  • Blueprint for your New Life in Uruguay
  • Costa Rica Insider
  • Panama Insider
  • Ecuador Insider

Escape to Country Guides ($1,356)

  • Escape to Brazil
  • Escape to Panama
  • Escape to Mexico
  • Escape to Italy
  • Ecuador
  • Escape to Nicaragua
  • Escape to France
  • Croatia: The Owner’s Manual
  • Thailand: The Owners Manual
  • Escape to Uruguay
  • Escape to Costa Rica
  • Escape to Belize

You also get…

Books, Reports and a Classified Ad ($2,840)

  • Currently, we have over 100 International Living titles in our library, and we are adding to them almost every month
  • And remember: you not only get everything we’ve ever published to date, but everything we’ll ever publish in the future as well.

And you’ll receive our soon-to-be-released publications and products, too.

Conservatively, your first year of Roundtable membership is worth $15,285. But by joining the Publishers Roundtable now, you will pay just a fraction of that price…

How to get started right away

Add up everything I mentioned here, and it would cost you $15,285 to receive all of these publications and benefits for one year.

But if you join Publisher’s Roundtable, you won’t pay anywhere near that much…

Instead, you’ll pay just a one-time fee of $4,995.

Save for a modest yearly maintenance fee of $69—which we charge to offset the rising cost of publishing, customer service, and conference costs.

For more information, or to join, please call us Toll Free at 1-855-719-5394.

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