Property Secrets of the Pacific Coast…

Property Secrets of the Pacific Coast...

Forty minutes ago, I picked the best of the catch from the fisherman’s boat. It will make a tasty brunch for the business meeting I’m about to have. The main item on the agenda is land around here that you can buy for $470 a month.

Directly in front of our terrace, the sand is soft and warm. An all-blue Pacific Ocean opens up in front of us. All I can hear are the fresh breezes rustling through palm trees, and the roar of a breaking wave. We’re the only people on the beach.

About 400 yards from here, perched above the next sandy cove, is where you’ll find the land I’m interested in. In a beach community there, a building lot can be bought with a manageable down payment and those low monthly payments I mentioned. (Of course, most people will not be offered these advantageous terms—but there’s a way you could get them. More later.)

The beaches here are special, but they’re not the only draw if you enjoy nature. Forested hills, lush and green, rise steeply from coast. It’s a wonderland of colorful birds and butterflies.

My contact grew up in the capital city of this country. It’s where he still spends most of his time. This cosmopolitan city, rich in colonial and pre-colonial architecture, has great restaurants and entertainment. And a year-round, spring-like climate. For business travelers, it helps that it’s just four hours from Miami.

But every chance he gets, my contact drives to the coast to relax. He’s been doing it for 30 years. Back then, no-one really made that drive. You either lived near the beach or in the city; few had the desire to spend 20 hours driving dirt roads between the two.

Since the 1980s, the road improved. Slowly, at first. These days it’s all modern highway—it took me three-and-half hours to make the journey. I can’t imagine what it was like to bring a young family on vacation out here all those years ago.

Although I understand perfectly the difference that an improvement to infrastructure can make—just three years ago, before the highway was complete, this was a seven-hour journey.

This coast is more discovered than it was in 2009, but I still class it a secret. And the property prices reflect that—you can buy here for about $30,000.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about this coast and the opportunities it hides. Meantime, if you want to learn about that lot you can buy for $470 a month, all the details are in a special report only available to members of Real Estate Trend Alert. If you think you’d like to join Real Estate Trend Alert, first watch this new-member video, to decide if it’s right for you.


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