How to Pay for a Life Overseas…

How to Pay for a Life Overseas...

“In the U.S., you cannot do what I have done here in Ecuador… you’d have too much debt to worry about,” says Kevin Sheehy, who bank-rolled his first venture—a Vietnamese restaurant—in the cool-weather capital of Quito with just $14,000.

One business opportunity led to another, and today his success overseas means that Kevin enjoys the flexibility to live in a place he loves (the weather is spring-like year-round) and spend four months every year traveling.

He is just one of many expats who has found that opportunity knocks loudest when your boots are on the ground abroad. Accidental entrepreneurs, like the ones we profile in the current issue of International Living, embrace opportunities sometimes hard to come by in the States, where start-up costs are higher and competition more developed.

Some expats stumble upon a place they love and just don’t want to leave. But staying often requires an income. And that demands some ingenuity…

Josh and Courtney Wilson fell in love with San Marcos, Guatemala, for instance, and, needing to fund their lives there, established a school. Today it has an international reputation and a staff of 16…

Kat and Bruce Bennett were enchanted with life in La Paz, Mexico. To make living there doable, they bought an English-language bookstore—they’d always loved books—and today get to spend their days close to the seafront…

Sometimes expats find themselves turning passions into profits. Liz Cowley turned her interest in the history of her adopted home town, Montevideo, Uruguay, into a viable business offering walking tours of the city.

Once you’re in a new place, entrepreneurial expats report, it’s not hard to spot niches or gaps in the market that you’re perfectly suited to fill. You may end up making money in a way you’d never have predicted back home.

To prove that point, you’re about to meet…in the current issue of International Living magazine…the expats abroad who happily fund “the good life” through ventures they discovered—or created—overseas…

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