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A Month Living and Working in Quito, Ecuador

A Month Living and Working in Quito, Ecuador

Imagine being able live wherever you want…or taking off on months-long vacations whenever the mood hits you. You sure can’t do that with a regular 9-to-5 job.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Copywriting allows you to live exactly this type of lifestyle…because your workplace becomes anywhere with an Internet connection. Plus, you get to answer to the best boss of all—yourself.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what copywriters do; most people aren’t familiar with the term. But you’ve seen thousands of examples of copywriting in your life. An email you get from your favorite online merchant telling you about a sale…that sales letter inviting you to sign up for auto insurance…online ads…business websites.

All these were written by copywriters.

Copywriting has been around a long time—it’s how thousands of companies market their products and services—but the growth of online businesses has increased the demand for copywriters in a big way.

Take copywriter Steve Roller.

Steve isn’t ready to make the leap overseas from his Wisconsin home full-time just yet, but he has been able to use the freedom his copywriting career gives him to explore the world.

In summer 2011, he spent a month in Ecuador with his wife, Emida, and four kids. They reserved an apartment in Quito for the month (it cost just $500) and made it their home base.

The family toured the town of Otavalo, famous for its huge indigenous market…they visited the hot springs of Baños…and spend two days exploring the Amazon River basin. “We did a lot of exploring in Quito itself,” explains Steve. “I loved the historic Old Town district. We just hung out in parks and cafes…doing things that Quiteños would do.”

The moderate climate…the culture…the friendliness of the people…the beautiful scenery…and the low cost of living left an impression on Steve and his family.

The apartment came with high-speed Internet and Steve was able to keep in touch with colleagues about projects by email. Most didn’t even know he was in Ecuador. Steve’s work didn’t suffer at all during his extended stay. In fact, he was able to dial back his usual workload so he could enjoy even more time “on vacation.”

The trip brought home to Steve the benefits of an overseas life. In addition to the tiny monthly rent, the family’s cost of living was low. Restaurants were cheap too—just $15 for three-course meals for the whole family. Then there was the cheap fresh fruit and vegetables at the local markets.

“Everything about Ecuador was even better than what I’d hoped for,” says Steve. “The people really are friendly…it’s very easy to get around…and it’s very inexpensive to be there.”

The experience the family had—and the ease of working overseas—has inspired plans for future travels. Next summer, Steve hopes to hit up another destination for up to two months. But he won’t be stopping there …

“Once the kids finish high school, my wife and I would like to split our time between the States and somewhere in Central or South America,” he explains. “Ecuador is high on our list of course, but I’m also planning scouting trips to Colombia, Panama, and Uruguay.”

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