3 Affordable Beach Hideaways… From $31,900

3 Affordable Beach Hideaways... From $31,900

Busy streets, crowded malls, long lines in the bank: those I can live with. It’s part of modern city life.

But every so often, I need an escape. And that means the beach. But I don’t want to swap the daily hustle and bustle for a busy beach resort. Who wants to fight their way through an army of beach loungers to find a piece of sand the size of a postage stamp to pitch a towel?

My idea of beach heaven is one that’s more secluded, without swarms of tourists. The kind of place where you can truly unwind and recharge your batteries…

Here are my top three beach hideaways. Best of all, if you want to make these a permanent vacation spot, you can buy a property from as little as $31,900 in these locations.

Hideaway #1 Mention this country by name and most people immediately think of a well-known resort city. Its pretty powder beaches and turquoise seas attract spring break crowds and bachelor parties. But just down the road, in this little location that’s off the mainstream radar, the beaches are even more stunning—and wonderfully free from crowds. When I visited a few months ago, I found this beach (see photo above).

And just 12 minutes from show-stopping beaches like this one, you can enjoy peace and privacy in a forested, off-grid community. Each owner gets 5 whole acres, filled with hardwood trees, old-growth jungle and lots of wildlife, to call their own. It’s the best of both worlds: quiet, secluded country living, close to fabulous beaches.

Best of all, you can buy your 5 acres of paradise for only $90,000.

Hideaway #2 I went back to this country last year after a three-year absence. And I couldn’t believe the changes…new roads, new businesses, more tourists…

But some things were still the same. This country is still a stunning mix of sandy beaches, huge freshwater lakes, smoking volcanoes and tons of wildlife. It’s easy to find a fabulous beach on this Pacific coast that you’ll have all to yourself.

And there’s something about this destination that’s keeping prices affordable. For example, in a secluded community with an equestrian center, beachside restaurant and five beaches, $64,900 buys you a 1-acre lot.

Hideaway #3 This country boasts the ritziest beach town in Latin America. In high season, movie stars, fashion models, royalty and super-rich businessmen spend time in this glamorous hotspot. They come to unwind and relax…hang out at the beach in designer swimwear…and snap up the best tables in the swankiest restaurants. The town is packed, hectic and in full-on party mode.

On my first trip there, I enjoyed people-watching in this glitzy resort. But then I traveled east and found the country’s finest beaches—wide carpets of soft, cream sand, backed by sand dunes, pine forests and lakes.

It’s tranquil, away from the tourist hordes, and quietly fashionable. You’ll find little beach towns and tiny boutique hotels—and some real property bargains…

This community slopes down to a beautiful white-sand beach. It’s 10 minutes to a small beach town and a few minutes from a big nature reserve. Half-acre lots start from $31,900.

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Editor’s Note: Margaret Summerfield is a director of Pathfinder, IL’s preferred real estate advertiser.

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