Argentina: Where Your Dollars Still Buy a Lot


Beef, the tango, the vineyards of Mendoza, Eva Peron…all these things are synonymous with Argentina.

Other aspects of life that this South American country should be known for are the low cost of living, excellent real estate opportunities and a standard of living that is so high you feel like you’ve joined the ranks of the world’s glitterati.


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Fast Facts About Argentina

  • Population: 42,610,981
  • Capital City: Buenos Aires
  • Climate: Mostly temperate; arid in southeast, subantarctic in southwest
  • Time Zone: GMT-3


Festivals Around the World: Costumed Elephants and Bog Snorkeling

The largest arts festival in the world takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland, from August 1 to 25. If you haven’t experienced the Fringe Festival before, it turns almost every corner of the city into a performance space for comedians, musicians, actors, and theater groups.

A Modi Miracle—The Compelling Case for Buying India

Big changes are underway in India. Did you notice? The Indian stock market certainly has. After going nowhere for the better part of six years, Indian stocks finally kicked into gear a few months ago. After going nowhere for the better part of six years, Indian stocks finally kicked into gear a few months ago.

Making Money from Gourmet Speakeasies in Argentina

Beautiful Buenos Aires entices with easy-going weather, friendly people, and an endless parade of cultural activities and dining spots. But, as delicious and fresh as traditional Argentine food is, it can be difficult to find something more exotic and inspired than the standard steaks, pizzas, and empanadas.

The Gourmet “Speakeasies” of Buenos Aires

If you’re ready to move overseas…with all the promise it holds of warm weather, being your own boss, and working just a few hours a day…but the prospect of actually packing up your worldly goods and getting on that plane sounds intimidating, let me tell you something. You have a sister. Right now, I’m packing up for an extended trip to Europe. At the end of it, I’m going to give seminars in London on the benefits of self-employment. I love this part of my work…meeting new people, visiting new cities, and spreading a message that I truly believe in. Best of all, I’ve discovered that the entrepreneurial spirit has no geographic boundaries. Every day enterprising folks all over the world are putting their ideas into action.

Success for a Tour Guide Photographer in Argentina

The trip to Buenos Aires was only meant to be a quick one. Success for a Tour Guide Photographer in Argentina Amelia McGoldrick, who hails from Toronto, had always been attracted to Spanish-speaking countries and decided to make a trip to experience the city for herself in 2010.

Tap into Your Skills to Create Extra Income

When we took our lunch break during a seminar I was teaching recently, our group walked a few blocks to the student union. Nicole Relyea, the youngest member of our group, turned around to face me, but kept walking—backwards. “I’m thinking about being a tour guide,” she said. “I gave campus tours when I was in college and I enjoyed it. I can walk backwards for two hours.”


Make Money in Property Management— No Experience Required

Vacation rentals are a great way for an investor to create an income overseas but, unless they’re living next door, anyone who owns a vacation rental needs someone to manage it for them. Property management is a business you can start with absolutely no investment. You are simply trading your time and effort.


If These Guys Can Make a Profit Online, Why Not You?

Jensen Wheeler Wolfe is a yoga instructor and “momtrepreneur” in New York City. Jensen teaches yoga to children and adults, and during one of her sessions she had an idea to make simple and colorful yoga mats for kids. She cut up a large piece of foam matting into small rectangles for the kids in her class.


Latin American Mountain Homes from $138,000

For many, Latin America conjures up images of steamy, wildlife-filled jungles and beautiful people lounging on tropical beaches, sipping umbrella-bedecked drinks. But there’s a whole other side to Latin America…regions where temperate—even cool—climates and jaw-dropping vistas of snow-covered volcanos are the order of the day.


“But You Can’t Speak Spanish…”

“Wait, what? Don’t move to Argentina, you can’t speak any Spanish!” Everyone reacted the same way when I announced I was moving. My Spanish education consisted of one class I took for a few months when I was 11 years old.


The Romance of Teaching English in Argentina

There are few places on earth as romantic as Buenos Aires. At night, in the backstreets, couples dance the tango. Old men sit outside the bars, playing the accordion. Sad music that tells of loss, longing, and the complications of love. I’d come to Buenos Aires with two prized possessions: my dog-eared copy of the poems of the blind poet, Jorge Luis Borges, and my folded and torn certificate for teaching English.


Free Skiing and Easy Money in the Jewel of the Andes

A train ticket and a TEFL certificate were all I had when I traveled the 1,000 miles from Buenos Aires to San Carlos de Bariloche. As we rode through the endless flatness of Patagonia—past broken railway sheds and the silhouettes of wind-bent trees on the horizon—I wondered what I was getting into. I had no job. I’d never been this far south. I knew no-one.

These days you don't have to be wealthy, eccentric, or running from the law to retire somewhere like Italy.

World Travel Has Changed for Retirees…

Fifty years ago, if at retirement age you spent a few months in Paris…then moved on to Lisbon for the winter…settled for the spring in Italy…and then steamed down to Panama and Argentina…you were probably either wealthy, eccentric, or running from the law. These days…you’re just a run-of-the-mill vagabond retiree.


Camel Racing, Irish Stories and Island Rum

Begin November with a little panache at the 119th Argentine Open Polo Championships in the neighborhood of Palermo, Buenos Aires. Not so much a sports event as a key occasion in the local social diary, it runs from November 5 to the end of the year. For something more exotic, check out camel racing. India’s Rajasthan desert in Pushkar hosts the Pushkar Fair from November 6 to 17.


An Affordable Home in 3 of the World’s Best Cities

It may be your lifelong dream to live in the grand old cities of Europe…cities with a foot in the past and another firmly in the present. Or maybe you’d rather be closer to home in the Americas, enjoying the sultry Latin lifestyle of Panama City or Buenos Aires.


What New Air Routes Say About Where to Invest Next

I was about 11 or 12 years old, listening to my mom—a travel agent at the time—talking to a co-worker about finding a way to get a client to Minneapolis.


A Wine-Related Business in Mendoza, Argentina

Argentina is as famous for its economic and political woes as it is for the tango and its Malbec wine. Nonetheless, its booming wine industry offers countless business opportunities, especially for entrepreneurs who are sensitive to the needs of foreign tourists. I’m not going to recommend you plant a vineyard, build a winery, and export Argentine wine to North America or Europe—although there are people doing that successfully.

Your Perfect Pied-À-Terre To Enjoy Big-City Life

Your Perfect Pied-à-Terre to Enjoy Big-City Life

It may be your lifelong dream to live in Paris, Rome, or London…the grand old cities of Europe with a foot in the past and another firmly in the present.


Wine: Growing Money in Argentina

You’ve probably heard the old joke that the best way to make $10 million in the wine industry is to start with $20 million. But these days in Argentina, nothing could be further from the truth. Unlike other winemaking nations, Argentina is now exporting almost all the wine it can produce. Brazil, the United States, Canada and England are favorite destinations…


News & Notes from Around the World…Ecuador’s Markets

Ecuador is justly famous for its markets. In the country’s guild towns you can buy handmade leather goods, high-quality instruments and silver jewelry. Each town has its farmer’s market, too, where you’ll pick up enough fresh produce to last a week for around $10.


Shear Sheep, Hunt Eggs, and Buy Art

March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day, and where better to celebrate it than Dublin, Ireland, where, from March 14 to 18, the city revels in traditional music, fireworks, and a huge parade on the day itself. Sotheby’s Paris auction house will see 300 works from Mexico, Central and South America—including a Chupicuaro ceramic statue (estimated to be from 500 to 100 B.C.)—go under the hammer as part of the eagerly-awaited Barbier-Mueller Collection on March 22 and 23.


Romantic Hideaways

At 129 square feet, this apartment is what real-estate agents call “cozy.” But it’s Paris, city of love and romance. From your fifth-floor balcony you have a view of Place de la République. The square gives its name to the historic neighborhood that surrounds it, where the 3rd, 10th and 11th arrondissements (districts) come together. Le Marais, where some of the oldest buildings in the city line winding, narrow streets, is just a five-minute walk away.


Voodoo, “The Great Clamor,” and Vikings

Take to the streets in Santiago, Chile, from January 3 to 20 for the Santiago a Mil international theater festival. You’ll find large-scale spectacles like “the noise of colors” extravaganza, a forest of paper giraffes, and outdoor performances of Romeo and Juliet.

Piñatas, The Sphinx And Waltzing In Vienna

Piñatas, the Sphinx and Waltzing in Vienna

Begin your holiday season in earnest in Mexico City with a huge Christmas Market running throughout December. In amongst the stalls, piñatas and ice rinks you’ll find the world’s tallest Christmas tree. In Europe, Christmas markets large and small brim with handicrafts, mulled wine and seasonal fare, but Germany is king of them all.

Where to Get the Best Shave in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Where to Get the Best Shave in Buenos Aires, Argentina

During the four years I lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I enjoyed the bloody steaks, strong drinks, and old-fashioned sports that the locals thrive on. Buenos Aires is a place where men can still be men. It’s the capital of a country that does macho well. These days, I’m based in Berlin. But I travel back to BA regularly, and here’s my guide to how a fellow can make the most of the city.

Manly Pursuits in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Manly Pursuits in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is a place where men can still be men. It’s the capital of a country that does macho well, as anyone who has ever had a run-in with a gaucho or a milonguero (the term for the rough-cut male dancers who populate the city tango halls) will tell you. And it still has plenty to offer the unreconstructed male.

Why Now is the Time to Buy Property in Argentina.

Why Now is the Time to Buy Property in Argentina

Today, Argentina is back in a bind. There is a strong possibility of another crack-up within the next year. And then we’ll have the same opportunity we had a decade ago. The signs are all there. The streets of Buenos Aires have recently seen the return of the backstreet currency exchange.

Crisis Replay… Soon Argentina Will Be On Sale Again

Crisis Replay… Soon Argentina Will Be on Sale Again

Just over a decade ago Argentina spectacularly unraveled with the biggest default in history—$100 billion. Dollar deposits were converted to pesos. Then, overnight, the peg of one-to-one with the dollar was broken. The unpegged currency immediately devalued. Savings were wiped out. Banks were set alight and locals took to the streets in protest.


Baby Jumping, Mariachis and Tennis

Come June 1 expect fi reworks, parades, fishing tournaments, and sailing competitions in ports all over Mexico as the country celebrates Navy Day. You’ll find gastronomic fairs, photo exhibitions, and traditional and contemporary cultural offerings in the city of Chachapoyas, northern Peru for Semana Turística (tourist week) from June 1 to 7. The highlight is known as the “Raymillacta” procession, which sees groups sing and dance their way through the streets.

2 The World’s Most Scenic Border Crossing

The World’s Most Scenic Border Crossing

For a border crossing that you’ll remember forever, travel from Chile to Argentina (or vice-versa) via the Cruce Andino, a boat journey on freshwater lakes from one country to the other. The lakes lie amid green hills and snow-capped volcanoes and mountains that stretch right across the South American cone about 600 miles south of Santiago, Chile. Running down the middle of this green swath is the rugged spine of the Andes.

What a Money-Making Photo Looks Like

What a Money-Making Photo Looks Like

Straddling the border between Argentina and Brazil, the Iguazú Falls are one of the world’s most dramatic waterfalls. I got to see them up close recently—but I wasn’t there just to admire the sights. These massive waterfalls, combined with the lush subtropical vegetation and varied local fauna, makes this UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site a top-tier photo destination.

Why I Love To Write About Buenos Aires, Argentina

Why I Love To Write About Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires in Argentina gets under your skin…whether you like it or not. I had planned to stay for two weeks – I changed my plane ticket twice and finally left, reluctantly, a year-and-a-half later. It may have been the tango that hooked me; the dark underground dance floors with bodies deftly moving around each other.

Online Profits – Make Money From The EBay Of Latin America

Online Profits – Make Money from the eBay of Latin America

Squashed into the back of a Buenos Aires taxi between the two women, I hadn’t been paying much attention. But once they mentioned MercadoLibre, it sounded like a conversation that I overheard several times during my three-week investment-scouting trip to Argentina and Uruguay.

L.A. Librarian Trades in Books for Tango Shoes

L.A. Librarian Trades in Books for Tango Shoes

I’ve always loved to dance. I studied ballet as a child. I’ve directed my own belly-dance troupe. In 1997, I finally discovered tango—and I was hooked. When I dance, I feel most like myself. And these days I get to do it all the time as a dance teacher in Buenos Aires, Argentina, passing on one of the most beautiful dances of all—the tango—in the place where it was born and is still at its best.

Wine-Related Businesses: Six Great Opportunities in Mendoza, Argentina

Wine-Related Businesses: Six Great Opportunities in Mendoza, Argentina

The world is thirsty for Argentine wine. In places as far apart as the U.S., Europe and Brazil, people are seeking high-quality at affordable prices. No wonder then, that Argentina is now exporting almost all the wine it can produce… And in the latest edition of your Quarterly Wealth Advisory we reveal six of today’s best opportunities to cash in on this trend with a wine-related business in the most famous of Argentina’s wine regions, Mendoza. This Quarterly Wealth Advisory is exclusively for you…it’s a VIP-only publication.

Pickled Sharks, Asparagus, And Art As Life

Pickled Sharks, Asparagus, and Art as Life

Throughout this month, the Shanghai International Flower Festival puts exotic flowers and herbs on display. You can see a kaleidoscope of color—rare orchids, chrysanthemums, lotus flowers, plum blossoms—you name it, it’ll be there in full bloom.


Funding a New Life and Travels in Argentina

I arrived on vacation to Buenos Aires, Argentina and was seduced into staying. You see, I figured out how to hemisphere-hop for free. This way I get two summers a year plus the snowy New England Christmas I couldn’t give up. I’m not a true expat. I’m a cheater. At first I lived off savings, and then pieced together an income from freelance writing and editing.


Homes in Wine Country

If a small Italian farmhouse with a vineyard sounds sweet, then look to the Abruzzo (pictured), a region of southern central Italy bordering the Adriatic Sea.

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