Tranquility in the Bahamas


"I sit on my sun-drenched balcony listening to the sound of the gently rolling waves of the ocean a mere 40 yards from my front door. The 80-degree weather is absolute perfection--a refreshing change from the subzero weather in my Boston habitat. The breeze gently waves the palm trees in a cheery Bahamian welcome..."


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Fast Facts About Bahamas

  • Population: 319,031
  • Capital City: Nassau
  • Climate: Tropical marine; moderated by warm waters of Gulf Stream
  • Time Zone: EST (GMT-5)
  • Language: English (Official)
  • Country Code: +1


Big Ben $ Tropical Island

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bahamas nassau

Buy Bahamas

When the Bahamas decided early on to comply with the OECD’s wishes to share tax information, several banks and trust companies immediately closed up shop and left. This caused an exodus of both people and money from the banks–and many clients who had set up residence in the Bahamas went with them.

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