Retire in Honduras

Retire in Honduras to Enjoy an Enviable Retirement Lifestyle

Retiring in Honduras may offer you the exact style of retirement you’ve been dreaming about.

Are you looking for alternatives overseas as your retirement approaches? Do you have a place in mind where you can continue to enjoy the luxuries that a lifetime of hard work have provided, but where you can experience each day the lovely warm climate and enjoyment of your previous vacation experiences? Then you should seriously considering retiring in Honduras.

Other Central American countries boast of their infrastructure and their sparkling highrise cities, and this may well appeal to you. But if what you seek during retirement is more than that…a place where life can be simpler, where you are addressed warmly by name, where the children politely stop to listen and address you as Sir or Madam, where people always have time for you, where your favorite meals and drinks are remembered in local restaurants…then Honduras is the retirement place for you.

Benefit From Proximity to the U.S., Reliable Health Care, and Excellent Banking by Retiring to Honduras

Thankfully, a retirement in Honduras does not mean being far from family in North America. Honduras is only two hours from the United States by air, and four Honduran international airports make it easy to schedule travel. The country boasts a modern, efficient highway system and contains a stretch of the Pan-American Highway, which makes travel within the country by car or on express buses simple. Deep-water ports on both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans make the movement of goods expedient and inexpensive.

The two major cities in Honduras, Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, are proud of their excellent medical facilities, equipped with the latest technology in health care, and staffed by physicians, most of whom were trained in the U.S. So if health care is a major concern as you look toward retirement, then rest assured that there is quality health care widely available in Honduras.

Several stable banking institutions with decades of experience and connections to banks in the U.S. are available, and money can be wired in or out of your accounts here in less than a day. Property in Honduras can be owned by foreign individuals with identical rights of ownership as Honduran nationals. Communications within the country are excellent, with landline, cell, satellite, and VoIP phones available, as well as satellite, DSL, and dial-up Internet services. The government is committed to growth in these areas, and the infrastructure is improving almost daily.

Scuba Diving or Spas: Choose Your Honduran Retirement Activities

Have you thought about what your retirement could be like on one of Honduras beautiful Bay islands?

Despite the ongoing improvements to Honduras’ infrastructure, you won’t see too many highrises if you decide to retire there. The government has laws in place to preserve the environment. This ensures that your views will never be blocked by a highrise condominium. The oceans and rainforests will remain as pristine as ever. Large-scale developments will not be permitted. Honduras will always be a safe and clean place to live and enjoy your retirement.

There is so much to do, and so much time in which to do it here, so retirement in Honduras is perfect for those interested in maintaining a fairly active lifestyle. If you are inclined toward adventure travel, opportunities for white-water rafting, canopy zip-line touring, hiking, fishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling abound. Or if you are on more of a meditative bent for your retirement, Honduras’ beaches, waterfalls, lakes, and cloud forests provide beautiful settings for spas and retreats. And time on your hands to enjoy all this? Anyone can enjoy maid service in Honduras, so don’t think you will spend your retirement in Honduras cooking and cleaning.

You can enjoy it all when you retire to Honduras–art, the symphony, living cultures, and, above all, the sense that you belong and are safe here. Honduras, as a true multicultural nation, sets a standard for harmony that other countries should aspire to.

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