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Costa Rica Real Estate

Costa Rica is a middle-income, developing economy, with a tradition of democracy. The life expectancy at birth here is one of the world’s highest—outstripping both the U.S. and the U.K., in fact. Tourist facilities are extensive, and because English is the second language for many Costa Ricans, the country feels visitor-friendly.

The land itself is mostly coastline—beaches galore and great surfing. And the weather is simply made for leisure. The climate here is both tropical and subtropical; the dry season is December to April; the rainy season is May to November. As you would expect, it’s cooler in the highlands.

Costa Rica is a nature-lover’s dream. The country has a progressive approach to conservation, which ensures that its jungles, with their renowned biodiversity, continue to be home to a truly mind-boggling assortment of species, from birds to butterflies, monkeys to wild cats, and hothouse flowers. Sea turtles nest along both coasts. Have you ever heard of a more enchanting place?

Costa Rica Real Estate

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