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  1. What is International Living?

    International Living magazine is a monthly publication for subscribers detailing the best places in the world to live, retire, travel, and invest. Founded in 1979 by Bill Bonner, IL now has offices and writers located all over the world.

    International Living also offers daily insights into hotspots around the globe in our free e-letter, IL Postcards. Read about the destinations you want to know more about…and some you may not have heard of yet.

    And that’s just the beginning…IL offers conferences and events, real estate services, local contacts in some of the world’s most popular destinations, advice from people just like you who have already done what you’ve only dreamed about, an online bookstore of special reports and essential guides, other subscriptions and valuable VIP services…in short, everything you need to know to start your new life abroad.

    International Living is published by International Living Publishing Ltd., based in Elysium House, Ballytruckle, Waterford, Ireland. Our registered company number is 285214.

  2. Where is the best place in the world for me to retire?

    That’s a question we try to answer each month in the International Living magazine and each day in the IL Postcards e-letter. The bottom line is: there is no best place to retire, but there is a best place for YOU to retire. A good start is to check out our most recent Retirement Index  to find out more about the best retirement havens in the world today. You should also take our 45-second quiz and instantly discover your ideal overseas haven. . If you want to know more about a specific country, then you may find the answer on one of our countries pages. If you’re new to our site, check out our New to IL page here.

  3. How Can I Make Money Overseas?

    International Living publishes a free e-letter called Fund Your Life Overseas. This e-letter details the many ways you can pay for your new life and travels overseas. Join our Fund Your Life Overseas e-letter today, and you’ll hear from us five times a week, telling you about ways to earn income that lets you live anywhere, travel anytime… and give you the funds to make your overseas dream real.

  4. What if I have a question that is not answered on this page?

    If you want to know more about a specific country, then you may find the answer on one of our countries pages

    Our Customer Service representatives are happy to assist you the best they can with subscription inquiries, product order inquiries, cancellations, and to answer questions. Please visit us at:

    If you would like more information about or to order a subscription or product, we encourage you to do so online at our Bookstore, accessible via the homepage, under “Bookstore,” or at

    Or, you can call toll free (from the US and CAN) 1-800-681-2402. International callers please dial 443-353-4232

    If you are a Publisher’s Roundtable, World Club, Real Estate Trend Alert or Lifetime Society Member, please go here.

Editorial FAQ's

  1. Can I write for International Living?

    We welcome all submissions on spec, but ask that you read through our writers’ guidelines first.

  2. What other publications are available aside from the monthly magazine?

    View all International Living subscription services here.

    We also offer a free daily e-letter, International Living’s Postcards. Sign up here to receive this free publication in your e-mail inbox.


  1. If I give IL my e-mail address, will I get spam?

    No Spam Pledge: International Living will never sell, rent, or otherwise abuse your e-mail address. It will be used solely for the purpose of sending you IL Postcards and updates about International Living. If you have not already done so, please whitelist our service to ensure delivery.

    Should you wish to unsubscribe at any time, instructions are included with each e-letter. You can read IL’s full privacy policy here.

Advertise FAQs

  1. How can I advertise in International Living?

    For general advertising queries and requests for media kits, contact Elaine Finnegan at

    For classified advertising information, please contact Elaine Finnegan at

Subscribe FAQs

  1. I just subscribed to International Living. When will I get my first issue?

    You should receive your welcome package, including your first issue, within two to four weeks of subscribing, depending on where you live. You will receive your password and member ID within 72 hours of subscribing online, and these can be used to read the current issue.

  2. What do I get in my welcome package?

    Your welcome to International Living package is the first thing you’ll receive from us in the mail. It includes the current month’s issue of International Living and a $100 discount certificate for the next IL conference of your choice, and valuable information about how to contact customer service about your subscription.


  3. How do I change my subscription address?

    To make any changes to your subscriber information, visit our Customer Service Help Page.

  4. How do I get back issues?

    Past issues of International Living from 2002 and on are currently available online to subscribers in PDF format. Select issues in print format may be available from our library for a fee. Contact us at:

  5. How long is the money-back guarantee good for?

    The money-back guarantee is good for the entire lifetime of your subscription. If, at any time, for any reason, you decide that International Living isn’t for you, we’ll send you a refund for the remainder of your subscription. We won’t even ask you to return the free reports we sent you in your welcome pack. Read more about our Ironclad Guarantee here.

  6. What are the benefits of subscribing to International Living magazine?

    In your monthly magazine, we’ll tell you about the best places in the world to retire, where you can still find bargain properties, the countries with the lowest cost of living, where you can save thousands of dollars on health care, where to invest your money to secure yourself from the falling dollar, the best destinations for property investment, real-life expat stories, and more.

    You can view a sample past issue here.

    As a subscriber, you will gain access to password-protected past and current articles and issues on our website, and you will also receive a 20% discount on advertising in our magazine or on our website.

  7. What if I haven’t yet received my magazine or product?

    Please visit our Customer Service Help Page to report any fulfillment problems you are experiencing.

  8. What is “auto-renew” and when can I expect to be charged for the next term of my subscription?

    Auto-renew is an automatic renewal of your subscription with International Living magazine, Panama Insider, or Mexico Insider. This option allows you to continue receiving your subscription while automatically being charged for a new term year without the hassle of constant renewal reminders or your subscription being terminated or suspended. This also locks in your subscription price so you can be sure you will pay the same price every year, even if the price increases for new subscribers. There’s no risk, as you are free to cancel anytime.

    You can expect your credit card to be charged automatically on your subscription renewal anniversary.

  9. What form of payment do you take?

    We accept all major credit cards, checks, and money orders. For auto-renew we can only accept credit cards.

  10. Why am I already receiving renewal notices?

    To keep our costs down, we send out automatic and periodic renewal offers for special products or discounts that we believe would benefit our readers. If you wish to stop receiving renewal notices, you have two options:

    1.) Sign up for auto-renew.

    2.) Contact and request to stop receiving renewal notices.

Website FAQs

  1. I need help navigating this site

    We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to find your way around the site, but if you get stuck you can check out this handy video to help you along.

  2. Why can’t I access some parts of the website?

    Some parts of the website, such as the issue archives, are for subscribers only. If you are a subscriber, and are having trouble accessing these parts of the website, please visit our Customer Service Help Page. If you are not a subscriber, but would like to be, we invite you to become one now.

  3. I forgot my username and/or password.

    Please log your details here

  4. How do I save an event recording to my computer or burn it to a CD?

    Once you’ve purchased event recordings, you are free to listen to them on the website, or you can download them to your computer to listen to at your convenience. Simply right-click on the recording link and choose “Save target as” and then you’ll be prompted to choose where to save the recording. Then you will be able to burn the recordings to a CD or upload the Mp3 files to your digital music player to take with you.

Bookstore FAQs

  1. How long should I expect to wait for shipping?

    Shipping time depends on your address. Orders shipped within the United States usually take one to three weeks. Canada and international shipping usually takes two to four weeks.

    If you still have not received your product, visit our Customer Service Help Page to report the problem and provide the shipping information you included when ordering so we can quickly locate your order.

  2. How much should I expect to pay for shipping?

    Shipping costs vary, depending on weight of the package; however, general shipping is $5 for domestic products and $7.50 for international orders.

  3. I can’t find a product that I know exists in the Bookstore.

    We are continually updating and revising our products to ensure the newest, most current information is available. We may temporarily remove from our Bookstore website products that are being updated or revised until the new addition is available for purchase.

    Publisher’s Roundtable members enjoy lifetime access to the most recently updated version of every International Living product, including products removed from the Bookstore, on their private section of this website. Learn more about becoming a Roundtable member here.

  4. Where do I send a product that I wish to return?

    To return a product, please first contact us to process your request and obtain a return authorization number. You can then write this return authorization number on your package.

    Please send a product that you wish to return to:

    Sisk Fulfillment

    1900 Industrial Park Drive

    Federalsburg, MD 21632

    Clearly print your name, customer number, and order slip/number. We suggest that you obtain a tracking number, signature confirmation, or delivery confirmation when you ship the return in order to ensure delivery. Please allow up to 30 days for us to receive and process your return.

    Please contact us with any further questions regarding product returns.

Real Estate FAQs

  1. Where can I find information about property contacts I saw in an ad, my last issue, or a Postcard?

    If you are interested in a property that you saw in a classified ad, please consult the ad for specific contact information. If you cannot find a contact, please then e-mail the classified manager at, with as much specific information as possible, to help her help you locate the property information.

    If the property appeared as an advertisement or article within an International Living issue or Postcard, please consult that particular piece for contact information. You can use the search feature in the top right-hand side of the IL website to help you find what you’re looking for, or look in the Countries section under the country you’re interested in, then click on “Country Archive” to look for editorial material on that country.

  2. What is Pathfinder?

    Pathfinder is International Living’s preferred real estate marketing group. You can read more about Pathfinder here, or visit Pathfinder’s website directly.


  1. Who do I contact if I have a problem with my VIP Subscription?

    As a VIP member you can contact your private Customer Service Team at the following details:

    Publisher’s Roundtable Members

    Visit us:

    Real Estate Trend Alert Members

    Visit us:

    Lifetime Society Members

    Visit us:

    Or alternatively as a VIP Member you can call us at our toll free numbers:

    Sales and Cancellation Team: 1-855-719-5394 or for International callers dial: 410-864-0833

    General Maintenance/Account Inquiries Team: 1-866-845-3052 or for International callers dial: 410-230-1250

  2. What form of payment do you take?

    We accept all major credit cards, checks, and money orders.

  3. Why am I being charged a membership maintenance fee?

    Due to increases in costs and other factors, we charge an annual membership maintenance fee for VIP services. The annual maintenance fees are $69 for Publisher’s Roundtable, $18 for Lifetime Society, and $99 for World Club.

  4. As a Lifetime Society member, am I entitled to 20% off all products in the Bookstore?

    You are entitled to 20% off full-price International Living products only. If you are interested in purchasing a product with your discount, please visit us:

  5. Who do I contact if I have a problem with my Publisher’s Roundtable Membership?

    Feel free to contact your personal customer service team at

  6. As a Publisher’s Roundtable member, do I have access to all products in the IL Bookstore?

    No. You have access to all International Living products in the Bookstore. You can find all the products available to you on your private Publisher’s Roundtable site.

  7. What are the VIP services?

    Our VIP services are exclusive groups of International Living subscribers. Membership, if approved, unlocks discounts on everything IL prints, produces, and plans. VIP members receive first notice of what’s happening in the world of IL and beyond, and enjoy first-class treatment at our events. Learn more about becoming a member of one of our four VIP services.

Events FAQs

  1. Do I have to listen to audio files at my computer or can I put them on a CD or on my mp3 player?

    You can download the files to your computer and treat them as any other audio file, song, etc. To save the audio files in mp3 format to your computer:
    1. Right click with your mouse on the “Listen” button next to the topic you wish to download. This will present you with a drop-down menu.
    2. From the drop-down menu, select “Save Target As” or “Save Link As”. This will present you with options on where to save the file. Choose the location to which you would like to download the file (for example: your desktop, or any folder).
    3. Once you have successfully downloaded (or saved) the file. Go to the location of the file. It should now be in mp3 format.
    4. You can now treat the audio file as any other song or audio file and upload it to your mp3 player/iPod or burn it to a CD.

  2. Do you have a discount for people on fixed income or a scholarship/sponsorship program?

    We don’t offer discounts based on income or occupation. However, we do offer substantial early bird and membership discounts. Please contact us for full details on how to get the best price for the event you’d like to attend.

  3. Can I attend part of the seminar and pay a partial price?

    Although it is not our standard policy to have per-day or partial prices, we can make exceptions in certain circumstances. Please contact us for details.

  4. Can I take part in an event as a speaker or a volunteer?

    If you wish to be a speaker or a volunteer, please contact Elaine Finnegan at

  5. Can I bring guests? What will they pay?

    Yes, you can most certainly bring a guest. We know that you’ll want to share much of what you’ll learn with someone you trust, that’s why spouses, partners, advisers, and friends are welcome and get to go for almost half price. Please consult the individual event promotional brochure, visit the events website or contact us for information on the guest’s registration fee.

  6. Does the conference registration fee include accommodation?

    Accommodation is not included in the registration fee; however, we negotiate a discounted room rate for conference attendees at the conference hotel. The discounted room rate is subject to availability. Please book your room well in advance to avoid disappointment.

  7. Is the airfare included in the conference registration fee?

    No. For all your travel needs (including flight assistance and insurance), please contact your travel agency of choice.

    You may also want to consider one of the many companies that specialize in online reservations and travel assistance, like:,,,,,, or We also suggest you sign up for free e-mail alerts from your preferred airlines, via their websites. In addition, numerous websites—like, for example—offer free e-mail alerts highlighting regular specials for a wide range of airlines. Many of these websites offer tips for getting the best flights, such as being flexible with travel dates and airports, if possible.

  8. I have more than one membership with you. Can I combine the discounts offered?

    We invite you to take advantage of the greatest membership discount for which you are eligible, based on your membership status. But only one membership discount applies. And it can be applied to only one member of your party. In other words, your spouse or guest is not eligible for a membership discount. Your membership discount can be combined with any early bird discount offered and any eligible voucher you have. Please note: you can use only one discount voucher per event.

  9. Do you offer membership discounts?

    International Living magazine subscribers; Lifetime Society subscribers, Publisher’s Roundtable,  and World Club members are entitled to discounts on most event registration fees. Please consult the individual event promotional brochure or contact us for complete details.

  10. Are the seminars tax deductible?

    In some cases, yes. Please check with your tax accountant to verify.

  11. What form of payment do you take?

    We accept all major credit cards, checks, and money orders.

  12. Who can I contact if I have any questions about events?

    Please contact the Events Team here, phone (toll-free from the U.S. and Canada) 1-866-381-8446, or fax 410-246-2299. A live operator is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

    For questions regarding IL subscriptions, memberships, or products, please visit us:

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