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Paul Terhorst

Paul Terhorst

Paul Terhorst

Paul Terhorst and his wife Vicki are what we call PTs: perpetual travelers. Sometimes they stay in one place a month or two, sometimes a year or two. According to Paul, “Home, for us, is wherever we plug in our little computer.”

In 1984, at the age of 35, Paul retired. He wanted more time to himself, more time with Vicki. He wanted to travel, see old friends, and make new friends.

They were living in Buenos Aires then, and during those early retirement years they kept a small apartment there and returned to it every summer after six to nine months of travel. In 1991, however, they decided to let the apartment go and travel continuously. They have been on the move ever since.

Most recently Paul and Vicki left Paris, where had been for a little over a year, and headed to Thailand. At last report they were somewhere in Asia.

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