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If I Can Do It (At My Age) So Can You…

I hate to embarrass myself. But boy have I. Especially when I first arrived in Ecuador 12 years ago. My new Ecuadorian friends were too nice to say anything, but they must have thought I was absolutely loco. The first night I arrived, I asked a bartender for “dos besos, por favor.” Luckily my husband was standing next to me or I may have found myself in a sticky situation since I’d asked for “two kisses” instead of “dos vasos” or “two glasses.”


New Caribbean Nation Wants U.S. Retirees…

Leave your watch behind because you won’t need it. And toss away your shoes while you’re at it–a bathing suit is the only wardrobe requirement, and even that’s only a suggestion. Spend your afternoon chasing a fish or two or nursing an ice-cold beer, and call that a good day’s work…


Say “Hello!” to a Future in Paradise

Keith and Karen were ready for a change. They’d lived in the city for 40 years, and with retirement looming, they weren’t certain they could take much more of Toronto. “Keith, in particular, was tired of the traffic, the increasing cost of living, and the long, cold winters,” says Karen. They hadn’t really considered leaving Canada, but they knew that if they stayed that nothing would change.



John Frogge doesn’t have a car, since everything he needs is found in the little mom-and-pop shops within a few blocks of his home. He pays $60 a month for private health insurance and the personal care he gets from his doctor, “where I never have to wait,” he says, “is outstanding.” He eats well. Food is locally grown and all natural…no chemicals added.

Properties that Earn their Keep

Properties that Earn their Keep

Every month we take a look at some of the properties available around the world. This time out, we’re highlighting properties that not only provide you with a roof over your head, but an income to boot. Escape to Ecuador’s Yunguilla Valley and surround yourself with blossoming fruit trees and fresh fish on your own tropical property.


Think Globally—Diversify your portfolio with the world’s major currencies.

Ecuador Best Retirement Haven In The World

Ecuador: Best Retirement Haven in the World

A round-up of the events you should be chalking down on your callendar. All of these events are expected to sell fast, so book your place early to avoid disappointment.


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