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Shiller’s Indicator Says Buy Europe

Europe isn’t ridiculously cheap right now. But it is a heck of a lot cheaper than wading into U.S. blue chips at current levels. It is also packed full of high-quality companies with global reach…and a lot of these businesses are going at fair prices.

How The “Chinese Dream” Can Make You Money

How the “Chinese Dream” Can Make You Money

Something big is happening in the world’s second-largest economy. Something so big, in fact, that it could prove to be the most powerful economic trend of the next decade: China’s blue collars are turning white.


This “Unloved” Oil Company is a Strong Buy

I believe an ownership stake in oil and gas in the ground will prove to be one of the best investments of the next decade. Buying these assets “on sale” will lead to even bigger profits.

The Fall Of Europe Maybe—Either Way, You Win

The Fall of Europe? Maybe—Either Way, You Win

The euro may implode at any moment. The euro zone is deep in recession. The slow-motion debt crisis there trundles on. We still don’t know what will trigger a full-scale meltdown. All we know is that there’s now a good chance it will happen.

Manly Pursuits in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Manly Pursuits in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is a place where men can still be men. It’s the capital of a country that does macho well, as anyone who has ever had a run-in with a gaucho or a milonguero (the term for the rough-cut male dancers who populate the city tango halls) will tell you. And it still has plenty to offer the unreconstructed male.

Blood On The Streets A Swiss Company Poised To Hand You Profits

Blood on the Streets: A Swiss Company Poised to Hand You Profits

You won’t read about it in the mainstream media. But we are approaching what could be one of the greatest buying opportunities of a generation—in European stocks. This may sound strange at first. Even deluded. Economies in the euro zone are tanking, along with stock-market prices.

A Growth Market that’s on Fire Right Now

A Growth Market that’s on Fire Right Now

The world’s consumer power base is shifting. The “rest” are playing catch-up to the “West” right before our eyes. Most investors don’t see this. They are blinded by the doom and gloom surrounding the financial crisis, the debt ceiling, and the gridlock in Washington.


Investment: Spanish Phone Company Hits the “Sweet Spot”

It’s easy to repeat Warren Buffett’s advice at dinner parties: “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.” It’s harder to follow when it comes to your own portfolio.

Buy Brazilian Beer and Grow Rich

Buy Brazilian Beer and Grow Rich

There’s special art to drinking beer in Brazil. One of my favorite haunts is Bar Filial in the Vila Madalena neighborhood of São Paulo.

Why Brazil is the "Next America" and How to Ride its Consumer Spending Wave

Why Brazil is the “Next America” and How to Ride its Consumer Spending Wave

If you want your portfolio to grow, you have to go where the growth is. Find solid investments in high-growth economies that have the potential to earn you many times your principle back in profits.

To help you “go where the growth is” we’ve put together this special Quarterly Wealth Advisory on investing in one of the world’s most exciting overseas growth markets—Brazil.

It’s for serious investors who want to realistically boost their savings by investing in high growth potential companies in one of the world’s most promising overseas markets.

How to Invest in Brazil's Biggest Trend

How to Invest in Brazil’s Biggest Trend

São Paulo – what a monster of a city! This was my first impression when I touched down in Guarulhos International Airport in April. This place makes the likes of L.A., Chicago and Toronto look small.

The Brazil Profit Playbook

The Brazil Profit Playbook

Brazil is one of the most promising emerging markets, thanks to a combination of huge natural resources reserves and a fast-growing consumer economy.

But what makes Brazil different to the other big resource rich emerging market, Russia? And what makes its consumer economy different to that of, say, China? What about claims that its new president is not business friendly enough? And what about the fear of rising inflation?

More important, how can U.S.-based investors gain exposure to the Brazilian growth story? What are the biggest and most bankable trends to invest? And what are the companies that best stand to profit from these trends?

Find the answers in this report.

This "Gold Secret" Is Getting Out

This “Gold Secret” Is Getting Out

I recently had an interesting conversation with a representative of the World Gold Council. We were talking about the role of gold as a strategic asset – how holding gold can help you survive and thrive in the current spate of economic turbulence.

Russia: A Hidden Gem

Russia: A Hidden Gem

As you know, the last six months haven’t been stellar for the emerging markets. But what you’ve got to understand is that you can’t base your investing decisions on what’s happened in the past. Because the markets don’t care about the past. They care about what will happen in the future.

Why Smart People Lose a Fortune

Why Smart People Lose a Fortune

Last week, I talked about the current super cycle in global growth. This has been triggered by the expanding middle class, along with rapid urbanization and industrialization, in emerging economies.

This Really Is Low Hanging Fruit

This Really Is Low Hanging Fruit

Although you wouldn’t know it from tuning into CNBC or opening the Wall Street Journal, the world is actually in a new “super cycle” of growth.

Where Most of Your Future Portfolio Gains Will Come From

Where Most of Your Future Portfolio Gains Will Come From

The trend is up. This may sound odd. After all, a lot of investors are pretty gloomy these days. In America, house prices continue to head south… about 1 in 10 people remain unemployed… and Washington is in disarray over what to do about its spiraling debt problem.

Make Money in Latin America's Powerhouse

Make Money in Latin America’s Powerhouse

Macio Mello is about as close to a “rock-star geologist” as you can get. In July 2009, his Brazilian oil- and gas-exploration company had a 277 million barrels of oil equivalent (BOE). In February of this year, thanks to Mellos’ expert geological mapping, it had a 6.6 billion BOE.

I'm Going Out On A Limb By Saying This...

I’m Going Out On A Limb By Saying This…

Heat waves… forest fires… mass migration… disruption to the lives of hundreds of millions of people… global conflict… This is the dire warning of professor Lord Stern of the London School of Economics following the news that greenhouse gas emissions increased by a record amount last year.

How to Profit on a Huge Currency Trend

How to Profit on a Huge Currency Trend

This week you’ve heard about two ways to profit from the explosive growth in overseas markets. There’s a third important element to a global investing strategy – making sure you are diversified outside of the U.S. dollar.

An Easy Plan for Investing in Overseas Stocks

An Easy Plan for Investing in Overseas Stocks

At International Living Investor we have a simple mission: to help you profit from the world outside of America’s borders. And to do that we look at three specific types of investment.

The End of the Age of America – 3 Simple Steps to Safety

The End of the Age of America – 3 Simple Steps to Safety

America is a great country. But its economic dominance is waning. In fact, according to a top-level report by the International Monetary Fund, adjusting for exchange rates, it will lose its spot as world’s No. 1 economy to China by 2016.

This will bring with it profound changes. In particular, it will mean lower standards of living in the U.S. and a steady loss of purchasing power in the dollar.

This report contains three simple steps to take now to protect and grow your savings as this big shift in power and wealth takes place. Think of it as a road map to a more secure and profitable future.

A “Mini China” in the Making and How You Can Profit

A “Mini China” in the Making and How You Can Profit

As much of the world pays attention to growth prospects in China, we identify another country that remains under most investors’ radars and yet is one of the best performers in terms of stock market gains.

Protect Your Wealth From the Coming Wall Street Wipeout

Protect Your Wealth From the Coming Wall Street Wipeout

I hope you don’t think I’m being rude when I say that the latest economic data out of America sucks. If I were an economist, I might say growth is “subpar.” Or perhaps “output is weaker than expected.

The Best Asset to Own as America's Power Fades

The Best Asset to Own as America’s Power Fades

On Wednesday, I wrote about the end of the “Age of America.” This isn’t some wishy-washy notion about the end of the American Dream…or some nostalgic idea about “things not being like they used to be.”

Now Is Still a Great Time to Buy "Anti Dollar" Currencies

Now Is Still a Great Time to Buy “Anti Dollar” Currencies

What’s happening in Europe should be a wake-up call for America. Over the weekend, Finnish voters gave a big boost to its euro-skeptic True Finns party. The party says Finland should stop funding Europe’s “squanderers” – Ireland, Portugal and Greece.

You're Nuts If You Believe Brazil's Naysers

You’re Nuts If You Believe Brazil’s Naysers

Staring at a chalkboard behind the reception desk at my hotel in Campo Grande last night, my Brazilian friend Renato Roscoe let out an audible “tssst. The board showed Brazil’s currency, the real, at R$1.58 versus the dollar. “It’s hard to keep track these days,” said Renato. “The real keeps getting stronger against the dollar. This is crazy.”

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