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A Relaxed and Fun Lifestyle in Chiang Mai, Thailand

In 2011, I pulled up stakes in California and made Chiang Mai, Thailand my permanent home. My goal: to change my lifestyle, live a calmer existence, eat better, become healthier, do only what I think is worthwhile, and live a happier life. And while I haven’t yet achieved everything on my agenda, I’m headed down the right road.

A Fun Way to Make Money in Thailand

A Fun Way to Make Money in Thailand

When my wife and I operated a Thai restaurant near San Francisco, we decorated it by putting Thai artwork on the walls. It was beautiful, and added to the ambiance of the restaurant. Then we had an idea. We started putting a few discreet signs up that the artwork was for sale—and people started snapping it up. Our extra business became very profitable. We already traveled to Thailand…

Living the Good Life in Thailand’s “Big Village”

Living the Good Life in Thailand’s “Big Village”

For about a decade, I split my time between Chiang Mai, Thailand, and a hectic business life in the U.S. Chiang Mai was my sanctuary from the stress of living and doing business at home. A city full of temples—some over 700 years old—I found it peaceful, the people friendly and the climate ideal.

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