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Live Anywhere You Want with this Top-Dollar, Portable Career

Thinking internationally enhances every aspect of your life—even when it comes to marriage! That’s what my fiancé and I have found as we put the final details on our wedding plans. You see, for many married couples, the future is very much set in stone…or at least that’s how it seems.


Enjoy the Perks of Earning in Ecuador

My best friend from high school saves $84 a month because I live and work in Ecuador. My sister slashed her dental bills. And I recently discovered a way for family members to double the value of their cell phones…


“This ‘Break’ Made Me Thousands of Dollars”

As I watched my fiancé fall off his surfboard for the hundredth time, my pancakes arrived. Warm and fluffy, they were so big the edges drooped over the sides of my plate. But my server was very sad and apologetic. There was no maple syrup left…anywhere in town. I’d just have to make do with the mango spread—made in-house from local, naturally-harvested fruits.


Short Hours, Good Pay, and a Place in the Sun

My fiancé and I headed out for a double date with friends in the States recently. We were visiting Florida, and our friends wanted to get our opinion on the authenticity of a new Peruvian restaurant. It was very good and very close to the real thing…right up until the check arrived! Our half of the evening came to $70—but in Cuenca, Ecuador, our home overseas, a similar meal would have been less than $50…for all four of us.


The Most Lucrative Way to Live Off Your Laptop

You’re already well on your way to a portable, lucrative income…even if you don’t realize it yet! But every time you convince a friend to join you at the restaurant you like…get your choice when you head to the movies…or talk someone out of the house on a lazy Saturday…you’re practicing the one skill that makes it possible for you to make a comfortable income anywhere you want.

4 Expat Tips for Living Better and Saving More in Cuenca, Ecuador

4 Expat Tips for Living Better and Saving More in Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca, Ecuador, has so much to offer…and as you discover the city and the local ways of doing things, you’ll find that the promise of a high-quality life overseas—at seriously low prices—really can come true for you. The longer you live in Ecuador, the less money you’ll need for budget basics and the more you’ll be able to free up for travel, entertainment, and living the good life.

Copywriting More Than Covers my Cost of Living in Ecuador

“Copywriting More Than Covers my Cost of Living in Ecuador”

My friend Michael was in shock. It was understandable since he’d never seen me “work” in the traditional sense of the word. With all the time I spend eating out, going to concerts and exploring the downtown shops of Cuenca, Ecuador, he thought I was a member of the idle rich.

Beyond Tourist Cuenca

Beyond Tourist Cuenca

Parque Calderón is the touristic and scenic heart of Cuenca, outskirts of Cuenca offers a special view of the city. Instead of looking to the rivers or the mountains, at Fogo you look down into Cuenca itself. Go at sunset and grab a seat on the outdoor patio to watch Cuenca twinkle its way into the night.

Embracing The “Sweet” Life In Quito, Ecuador

Embracing the “Sweet” Life in Quito, Ecuador

In the modern world, you live to work, but in Ecuador, you work to live,” says Jeff Stern of his new home in the country’s colonial capital. Becoming a successful chocolatier who creates artisanal chocolates is just the latest twist in Jeff’s journey. A San Diego native, Jeff first visited Ecuador in 1994 when studying for a Master’s degree in community and regional planning. After a short career in foreign aid development, he changed course in 2001 and started down a culinary path. Jeff worked in restaurants, catering, and as a personal chef before a part-time job in a chocolate store opened his eyes to the world of chocolate.

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