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Colombia's Most Magical Mountain Villages

Colombia’s Most Magical Mountain Villages

Colombia’s cities have a little something for everyone. Cali is famous for its tropical climate and salsa fever. Medellín is a livable, sophisticated city with modern architecture and beautiful people. Bogotá, Colombia’s capital, offers international dining, globally renowned festivals and museums, and colonial Cartagena is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage site.

Forget The Galápagos—Visit Isla De La Plata

Forget the Galápagos—Visit Isla de la Plata

The 21 islands of the Galápagos archipelago, off the coast of Ecuador, make up one of the world’s most famous wildlife wonderlands. There’s almost nowhere else with such an impressive blend of flora and fauna. But that biodiversity comes at a price. Just entering the park will set you back $100. And from mainland Ecuador, round-trip flights cost $300 to $400, depending on the point of departure and time of year. Then there’s accommodation, food, tours… it’s not a trip for the budget conscious. But, as I said, there’s almost nowhere else like it….

Start a Blog to Fund Your Travels

Start a Blog to Fund Your Travels

It’s hard to believe, but the travel blog I first started in 2007 as a way to keep my family, friends and co-workers updated now nets me at least $1,000 a month, allowing me to travel and spend time in amazing places all over the world. Just in the last year, I’ve been to Colombia, Ecuador, Trinidad and Tobago, and my next stop may be Mexico or Argentina.


Puerto Misahuallí—Portal to the Ecuadorian Jungle

While most travelers in Ecuador stick to the legendary beaches on the Ruta del Sol or the picturesque mountain towns cradled in the Andes, an intrepid few look for adventure in the country’s eastern jungles.


How “Blogging” Funds Your Travels

I’m sitting in a hotel room on the stunning island of Tobago. I pull back the curtains, and sunlight floods my room—it’s a perfect day. From my window, the ocean’s blue competes with the immaculately manicured gardens for my attention.

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