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Pirate Invasions and German Glühwein

Start your November on Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, where—from October 23 to November 9—you’ll find enormous and elaborate sand sculptures filling the beach as part of the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition. As many as 100 sculptures, by artists from around the world, are expected to turn the mile-plus coastal walk into an outdoor museum. In a far more formal setting, Cairo Opera House is home to the Arabic Music Festival from November 1 to 10, as some of the finest Arabic singers, instrumentalists, and ensembles in the world converge on the Egyptian capital.

Festivals Around the World: Bedouin Weddings and Pumpkin Battles

Douz, in south Tunisia, hosts the International Festival of the Sahara on October 1. Taking place at the gateway to the great desert, the event was founded as a camelracing festival in 1910. But you can expect horse races, poetry contests, and Bedouin weddings, as well.


Festivals Around the World: A Male Beauty Pageant and Indian Idols

Argentina has welcomed its fair share of Italian immigrants down through the years. So it’s fitting that natives of the southern- Italian city of Naples will celebrate the tango with the Tanotango Festival from September 4 to 7. Theaters, bars, and streets across this ancient city will be packed with dancers, demonstrations, and music. Take a visit to the Cape Coast, Ghana, on September 6 to catch Oguaa Fetu Afahye, when local chiefs dressed in traditional garb lead a procession through the streets imploring the gods to keep the town healthy.

Festivals Around the World: Costumed Elephants and Bog Snorkeling

The largest arts festival in the world takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland, from August 1 to 25. If you haven’t experienced the Fringe Festival before, it turns almost every corner of the city into a performance space for comedians, musicians, actors, and theater groups.

Festivals Around the World: Beer-Can Boats and “the Manly Games”

Make your way to the Italian city of Siena for Il Palio on July 2 and witness 10 bareback riders charge through the streets as part of an ancient religious tradition. The Corteo Storico pageant precedes the race and celebrations go on long after the winner has passed the post.


Festivals Around the World: Rambles, Sacred Music, and Oil Wrestling

Visit the old royal capital of Kyoto, Japan, the weekend of June 1 for Takigi O-Noh to celebrate Japan’s ancient musical-theater traditions at the city’s Heian Jingu Shrine. Burning torches illuminate the stage and the costumed performers. Across the East China Sea, the Dragon Boat Festival in Xiamen, China, falls on June 2. Gorge on sticky-rice snacks, watch the race, and place a rice parcel in the water in memory of ancient poet Qu Yuan.


Festivals Around the World: Museums by Night and Antelope Hunting

Begin the month in Scotland’s Spey Valley where, as part of “Whisky Month,” the Spirit of Speyside Festival runs from May 1 to 5. Tastings, workshops, and even a guide on how to properly photograph a “wee dram” of whisky are all on the schedule.

Festivals Around the World: War Birds, King’s Day, and Witches Night

Sitting alongside the banks of the River Garonne in southwest France, the red-tile-roofed city of Toulouse hosts its annual Flamenco Festival from April 1 to 15, with local venues filled with music and dance throughout. Another marathon-length event to consider begins its 18-day run in Jaipur, India, on April 2.


Ski Jumps and Caribbean Crab Racing: Festivals Around the World

Not the safest religious tradition we’ve ever heard of, but the Fire Wheel Festival in Sinca Noua, located near the city of Brasov, Romania, does sound like quite a sight. Celebrating the start of Orthodox Lent on March 3, the village asks its young men to roll hay wheels to the top of a local hill before each wheel is set alight. What follows is a true feast with music, drinking, and dancing.


Flamenco, Opera and Warrior Dancers

In northwest Africa the village of Kartong, Gambia, hosts the Kartong Festival February 7 to 9. Traditional dance, music, and street performances, as well as local arts and crafts, are part of the event, which includes cook-offs and feasts. From February 7 to March 1, the Perth International Arts Festival in Western Australia will sate your appetite for the art.

Bull Jumping and Cockroach Racing

Bull Jumping and Cockroach Racing

The devil masks worn for the Diablada de Pillaro (The Dance of the Devils) in Pillaro, Ecuador, have spawned a whole school of art. It’s well worth joining the thousands of onlookers to see the elaborate processions that take place each night from New Year’s Day to January 6. The feast of Edina Bronya, which essentially represents Christmas for the people of Ghana, in west Africa, falls this year on January 2.

Wild Boar, Scotch And Puppets Ablaze

Wild Boar, Scotch and Puppets Ablaze

In the Kisama Heritage Village in Nagaland, northeast India, the Hornbill Festival is a huge celebration of the indigenous warrior tribes of the region. Taking place between December 1 and 7, the festival is named after the Indian Hornbill, a large and colorful forest bird. You’ll need a government permit to visit, but it’s worth it to experience the beauty contest, archery, wrestling, and lots of singing and dancing.


Camel Racing, Irish Stories and Island Rum

Begin November with a little panache at the 119th Argentine Open Polo Championships in the neighborhood of Palermo, Buenos Aires. Not so much a sports event as a key occasion in the local social diary, it runs from November 5 to the end of the year. For something more exotic, check out camel racing. India’s Rajasthan desert in Pushkar hosts the Pushkar Fair from November 6 to 17.

Machu Picchu Peru

Sea Jazz, Cocktails and a Demon King

The Red Carpet Antiques Festival in Lyon, France, on October 3 sees traffic brought to a standstill as a vast red carpet is rolled out on Rue Auguste Compte, a route lined with antique stores. Live music and a food fair accompany the all-night festival, as shoppers browse the spectacular window displays.


Spot Whales, Open Oysters, and Pull Faces

Paris, France, brings its communal gardens, castles, mansions, and cultural centers to life for the Festival Ile-de-France—a mix of jazz, classical, folk, and even Japanese concerts from September 7 to October 13.

Swedish Samba And Hungry Ghosts

Swedish Samba and Hungry Ghosts

On the Calle Rec in Barcelona’s El Born neighborhood is a new type of “private members’ club.” Not that you’d notice it. The only sign that it’s there is a discreet bell on a glass door.

Dragonboats, Zanzibar And Off To The Proms!

Dragonboats, Zanzibar and Off to the Proms!

Start the month on a full stomach by heading to Portland, Jamaica, for the annual Portland Jerk Festival. Barbecues will sizzle on July 1, as traditional dishes are devoured in celebration of a cooking technique synonymous with the Caribbean island.


Gods, Kilts, Mules and Nudity

For the divers out there and indeed for anyone with an interest in idyllic getaways… begin June on the paradise island of Curaçao in the southern Caribbean.


A Round-the-World Trip… for Less Than $420

Steve Kamb left his native Oregon last year on a round-the-world trip starting in Los Angeles. Over the course of the next 10 months, Steve spent time in Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dublin, Madrid, and Buenos Aires


French Antiques and a Rhino Charge

The Israeli city of Tel Aviv begins its three-day Taste of the City festival on May 1. Fine-dining establishments serve free portions and chefs line the streets offering local delicacies like malabi—a creamy pudding flavored with rose water. Saint Lucia Jazz is the most anticipated musical event in the Caribbean calendar and runs from the start of the month until May 12.


Balloons, Bangkok and Burning “Bööggs”

On April 1 only a fool would miss the feast on offer at Le Pince d’Or Crab Festival in Martinique, an island in the eastern Caribbean. In the capital of Fort-de-France, riverfront restaurants each set up a stall to sell matoutou (a spicy crab stew), as chefs compete to make the best bowl.


Piscos, Mud-Throwing, and Kite Killers

From February 17 to 22, hit the Spanish capital for the Madrid Carnival and enjoy costume competitions, parades, music, theater, and, to round things off, the Entierro de la Sardina. Translated as the “Burial of the Sardine,” it sees a dead fish carried before a procession of singers, dancers, and Chinese-style dragons before being cremated.

Piñatas, The Sphinx And Waltzing In Vienna

Piñatas, the Sphinx and Waltzing in Vienna

Begin your holiday season in earnest in Mexico City with a huge Christmas Market running throughout December. In amongst the stalls, piñatas and ice rinks you’ll find the world’s tallest Christmas tree. In Europe, Christmas markets large and small brim with handicrafts, mulled wine and seasonal fare, but Germany is king of them all.


How to Buy Flights at Rock Bottom Prices

Steve Kamb left his native Oregon last year on a round-the-world trip starting in Los Angeles. Over the course of the next 10 months, Steve spent time in Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dublin, Madrid, and Buenos Aires. He took 15 flights and covered a distance of 35,000 miles. And he did it all for just $418.36.

Turnips, Russian Wine, and a Monkey Buffet

Turnips, Russian Wine, and a Monkey Buffet

Experience the Day of the Dead in Mexico on November 1 when people gather to honor their departed love ones with big parties across the country. If you’re in India the first two weeks of November, then head to the capital, Delhi, where you’ll find music, theater, dance, film, and poetry in 50 venues across the city for the Delhi International Arts Festival.

How to Jetset on the Cheap

How to Jetset on the Cheap

Steve Kamb left his native Oregon last year on a round-the-world trip starting in Los Angeles. Over the course of the next 10 months, Steve spent time in Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dublin, Madrid, and Buenos Aires. He took 15 flights and covered a distance of 35,000 miles. And he did it all for just $418.36.

Chopin, Matchmaking, and Indian Gods

Chopin, Matchmaking, and Indian Gods

The renowned Malaysia International Gourmet Festival in Kuala Lumpur runs the whole month of October. Expect a “Theatre of Cuisines” and a “Gourmet Village.” The wonderfully-named Madajazzcar, Madagascar’s leading jazz festival, takes place from October 3 to 15 with performances around the island.


Pudding, Oysters, and Moroccan Salsa

Parades, dancing, and the election of a Sara Ñusta (Queen of Maize) mark the Fiesta del Yamor in Imbabura, Ecuador, the first week of September. Join in and offer thanks to the sun god for a bountiful harvest. Street traders take over the French city of Lille for the Grande Braderie on September 1 and 2.

Flowers, Wife-Carrying, and Asian Fishing

Flowers, Wife-Carrying, and Asian Fishing

Any weekend from August 4 to September 16, head to the Parc Floral near the Château de Vincennes in Paris for the Festival Classique au Vert (Classical Festival on the Green). This year, performers will set the words of famous poets and authors to classical music. Bring a picnic and blanket: It’s a gorgeous park.


Tudor Feast, Irish Antiques and a Rio Run

You may not often celebrate Independence Day outside the States, but July begins with some intriguing alternatives… Toulouse’s Tangopostale Festival, for instance, when the jewel of southwest France taps its feet to the rhythm of Argentine tango. It takes place July 2 to 8.


Baby Jumping, Mariachis and Tennis

Come June 1 expect fi reworks, parades, fishing tournaments, and sailing competitions in ports all over Mexico as the country celebrates Navy Day. You’ll find gastronomic fairs, photo exhibitions, and traditional and contemporary cultural offerings in the city of Chachapoyas, northern Peru for Semana Turística (tourist week) from June 1 to 7. The highlight is known as the “Raymillacta” procession, which sees groups sing and dance their way through the streets.

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