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An Easy Way to Pay for an Asian Adventure

Nine years ago I threw in the towel on a 25-year business career and a six-figure income to go in search of adventure. My life changed forever on September 11, 2001. Friends and business associates died that day. They hadn’t needed more money— they needed more time. Suddenly the savings I was working to accumulate for retirement didn’t seem so important. A year later I was on the road…

Jeju Island—South Korea’s Natural Paradise

Jeju Island—South Korea’s Natural Paradise

South Koreans say that the country’s highest peak, Mount Halla, is sacred. Maybe it’s the scores of blood-red Buddhist temples trimmed in deep turquoise and scattered across the lower elevations. Or maybe it’s the 18,000 gods said to live in the mountain’s ancient trees and caves. Whatever the reason, this 6,400-foot-high mountain—as well as Jeju Island, where it’s located—are special.

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