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Do It Right: How to Structure Your Tourism Business in Bali

Many travelers who return from a tropical holiday on the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali start thinking how wonderful it would be to quit their job and move here permanently. And lots of them do, including me. I’ve run a guesthouse and restaurant on the northern coast of the island for four years. But before you join us expat business owners, there are a few things you should know…

Our Blood Pressure is Lower and Our Tans are Better

“Our Blood Pressure is Lower and Our Tans are Better…”

Katie knew she needed a change, and I was comfortable picking up and exploring the world. The question was where to begin. We started right at home with a seven-month RV tour of the U.S. before traveling in Europe. Finally, with winter looming, we visited tropical Costa Rica. After looking around we settled in Ocotal, a small residential community on the south end of the Gulf of Papagayo.

Living by the Beach in Costa Rica

Living by the Beach in Costa Rica

We’re close enough to the town of Playas del Coco to take a 10-minute bike ride for necessities, but far enough away to enjoy our privacy. The best feature of the house we rent is the view of the Pacific and the amazing sunsets we enjoy nightly. We’ve adjusted well to the slower pace of life. We’re still working—the Internet means we can work from anywhere.

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