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Nazareen joined the IL Special Products team in Waterford in October 2006. A graduate of University College Cork, she studied English and History and has a master’s degree in English. These years spent as a student allowed her to indulge in her passion for travel. She has traveled extensively through Europe, even spending a summer working in an Irish pub in Florence, Italy. In 2004, Naz embarked on a round-the-world adventure that took her to Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand (where she lived for a year), the Cook Islands, and the United States. Nazareen is International Living’s lead editor for our books and products.



Punta Paloma: Southern Spain’s Most Unspoiled Beach

Towering sand dunes, an expansive, golden-sand beach that goes on for miles, kite-surfers battling the strong, but warm, Atlantic wind…although Spain’s tourist hub of Marbella is just 63 miles to the east, here at Punta Paloma it feels a world away.

Take a Wild-Island Road Trip in the Med

Take a Wild-Island Road Trip in the Med

My foot hovers over the brake of my little black Peugeot rental car as yet another hairpin bend comes into view. There’s a sharp intake of breath from my front-seat passenger, who is clinging to her seat as she tries not to look out her window at the steep cliff edge. By contrast, my back-seat passenger is furiously taking photos of the stunning scenery below us.

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