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Spain is about more than the beaches of the Med. The north has mountain villages, hilltop towns and medieval cities. © Juan Ignacio Polo/iStock

Crisis-hit Spain’s Real Estate Bargains

We’ve been keeping an eye on what’s been happening in the property market of crisis-hit Spain—and there’s no shortage of bargains. Check out the articles below for more on the type of real estate opportunities Europe’s economic downturn has thrown up in this varied, culture-rich nation.

Modern, bustling Panama has broad appeal. © Marissa Strniste

Applying for a Panama Visa

One of the most appealing things about Panama is how welcoming it is towards expats. The Panamanian government has rolled out a range of different visa options and for pensioners, a vast range of discounts and benefits under the country’s famed Pensionado program await.

Budgets In Great-Value Towns

Budgets in Great-Value Towns

Santa Fe in Panama…Vilcabamba in Ecuador…Penang in Malaysia…Granada in Nicaragua…Campeche in Mexico…you know these havens come with a rock-bottom price tag, but on what, exactly, do expats in these locations spend their money on? We’ve asked on-the-ground experts for a detailed breakdown of what a typical couple might spend each month. Here’s what they said.

E-Zine Extra How To Search For Your Irish Ancestors

E-zine Extra: How to Search for Your Irish Ancestors

It’s easier than you think to reveal your Irish roots. Your research begins with your family. Ask questions, collect stories, check out old photos, and search that attic chest or bottom drawer for any documents that might provide some clues.

Colonial Cambodia: Polishing the “Pearl of the Orient”

Colonial Cambodia: Polishing the “Pearl of the Orient”

For many years it was the “Jewel of the Pacific.” Even today, long after the Golden Age of the port city has passed, the brightly-painted hillside houses, cobblestone alleyways, and winding streets of Valparaíso, on Chile’s central coast, are among the country’s most enchanting finds.

Free Trips in Costa Rica

Free Trips in Costa Rica

With long stretches of sand along the coast, jungle-clad hills, beach towns that range from sleepy to surfer-central, Costa Rica is a great place not only to retire, but also to vacation. Even better—that trip can be free. Through an online contest, the Costa Rica Tourism Board is “gifting” $1 million in week-long vacations to people throughout the U.S. and Canada. Each winner and a guest will spend eight days…

Thailand’s Last Secret Getaway

Thailand’s Last Secret Getaway

Popular as the Thai islands are, if you know where to look, you can still find the Thailand of old—warm, turquoise waters…banks of vibrant coral…chalk-white sand…friendly locals—only minus the masses. I came across one such place during a recent trip around Southeast Asia. I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but it’s an island called Koh Lipe.

Bangkok’s Best Bargain Market

Bangkok’s Best Bargain Market

Thailand’s markets—jam packed with everything from knock-off designer bags to mangoes—are legendary. But if it’s true bargains you’re looking for, some are better than others.

Window On The World: The Gauchos Of Torres Del Paine

Window on the World: The Gauchos of Torres del Paine

Here, the mighty Andes plunge into the Pacific Ocean, you’ll find glaciated valleys, rugged granite peaks, and jade-green lakes. This is Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park in South America’s Patagonia region, down at the end of the continent. This stark and surreal landscape is home to the iconic Chilean gaucho (also known as huasos), a character as rugged and mysterious as his surroundings.

Business Index 2011…What Our Experts Say…

Business Index 2011…What Our Experts Say…

To evaluate our seven countries for our Business Index 2011 we consulted seasoned entrepreneurs who’ve made the move and learned the ropes, as well as worked through in-country attorneys. We asked them about visa requirements, financing, and how easy it was to set up a bank account. They told us about local taxes, business expenses, infrastructure and the local culture for doing business, Here is what they had to say…

Thinking Of A Business Overseas? Here’s What The World Needs

Thinking of a Business Overseas? Here’s What the World Needs

For International Living’s first ever Business Index we asked our in-country correspondents and a host of expat entrepreneurs what opportunities they see around them in their new homes. These gaps in the market include everything from small guesthouses to dog grooming services… read on to spot your opportunity.

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