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Steenie Harvey

International’s Living’s Roving Euro Editor, Steenie Harvey also frequently travels throughout Asia. She has researched and written a number of IL’s European Owner’s Manuals as well as the Import/Export Kit and the Work Overseas Kit. Other publishing credits include three books for Avalon Travel Publishing as well as numerous articles for U.S., British, Irish, Australian, and German publications. Along with travel and real estate, her writing interests also include European history and folklore. In addition, Steenie also teaches at travel writers workshops organized by the American Writers and Artists Institute. Born in Britain of English and Latvian parents, Steenie made the move to Ireland’s County Roscommon some 17 years ago. She has first-hand experience of life as an expat: how to rent and buy property, pass the Irish driving test, cope with a new tax system–and put a daughter through convent school.

Articles by Steenie Harvey

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